March 28, 2011

The other day I was grocery shopping and craving a dessert from the bakery section. I love the store's cupcakes, so I told myself that if there was a package of them out, I was going to let myself buy them. Sure enough, they were there, so I put a pack of two in my cart and continued shopping. But I kept looking at them, surrounded by all of my healthy produce, and wondered if the frosting would be too sweet or the cake part too dry. So I went back and decided to replace them with something special but a little less decadent. I settled on a no-sugar-added apple pie. It was healthier than the standard variety but I knew it would still fill my desire for dessert. That night after dinner, I warmed my husband and I each a slice and topped it with ½ scoop of light vanilla bean ice cream. It was delicious and, without all of that extra sugar, you could really taste the apples.

When I have time, making sugar-free blondies, cookies, and cheesecake are a great option too. How do you guys treat yourself without going overboard?


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