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The Power Issue

Whether it's a workout tip that’ll take you to the next level or a gratitude practice that'll benefit your overall health — power starts with you.

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“How you feel about yourself — that's powerful for me.”

—Cynthia Erivo

About the Issue

At Shape, we spend a lot of time talking and thinking about the intrinsic benefits of prioritizing our fitness and wellness routines. While, of course, we always want to do our bodies good, more often than not we also use this sacred time as a way to kickstart our days or to unwind from a stressful situation. Our time in the gym or out on a run can be a meditative space that can help us unlock new ideas or give us the words to fuel a difficult conversation. In short, through fitness we tap into our power — in whatever form it may take at that moment. 

And there was truly no one better suited to grace the cover of our Power Issue than singer-songwriter, award-winning actress, and marathoner Cynthia Erivo. Erivo shared with us how she prioritizes her wellness and self-care routine (even with early morning call times!), the importance of being authentic, and how she’s tapped into the power of her own vulnerability. Throughout the issue, you’ll also find strength-training exercises to add more oomph to your workout, a primer on power-dressing for the gym (thanks to our sponsor Under Armour), and the hidden benefits of learning to be a little more kind to yourself. We hope you find something in this issue to take away as inspiration to power your own life — if not just your next workout.

—Hayley Mason, General Manager

On the Cover

The Power of Cynthia Erivo

It’s hard to picture Cynthia Erivo as anything but a standout. Her style choices are fearless; she sees fashion as a form of art, gravitating toward pieces that tell a story and feel a little bit off the beaten path. Her intricately designed nails, which have featured everything from Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night (at the 2020 Oscars) to Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam reimagined with Black women (at the 2018 Met Gala), always make a splash on red carpets. In fact, everything about the 5 foot 1 actress, singer-songwriter, and children’s book author exudes, well, presence.