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A star student

July 21, 2009

I just got a new script to work on, and as exciting as it is to have a fresh project, I'm a little worried that it will get in the way of my weight loss. After all, the last time my professional life picked up, I gained back six of my hard-lost pounds! But my life coach, Lauren Zander, told me I should look at this writing assignment as an opportunity to pinpoint exactly when I start to slip back into my old bad habits. Then I can use the techniques I've already learned and the tools at my disposal to nip the backslide in the bud. For example, if I see myself blowing off workouts, I can schedule in an extra weekly session with my personal trainer. Or if my busy days cause me to skip meals (and then overeat at night), I can go back to setting a timer to remind myself to grab a bite every three hours. I know a lot more than I did seven months ago—now's the time to put those lessons into practice.


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