Today's blogger Danielle McNally, associate fitness editor

Exercising outdoors is one of my favorite things about summer. So I was psyched to join in on the first session of Laughing Lotus Yoga's summer series in 14th Street Park here in New York City. Every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. until August 31, yogis can roll out their mats in the grass overlooking the Hudson River and downward dog their way out of humpday for free! I took a vinyasa flow class led by Laughing Lotus's quirky and cool co-founder Dana Flynn (teachers from the studio's roster will rotate throughout the season), who set our practice to a summery soundtrack of Bob Marley, Stevie Nicks, and Lynard Skynard. As I was staring up at a cloudless sky, trying to inch my shoulder back during reverse triangle pose, a cool breeze blew in from the nearby water. I couldn't help but think, "If only all exercise could be this enjoyable." That's not to say that it was easy, but it beat the hell out of slogging away in a dark, airless studio. Afterward I even walked the 20 blocks home to get some extra time alfresco. Heck, it'll be fall before I know it!

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