February 02, 2010

Whether you're a football fan or not, the Super Bowl is a major event, and unfortunately, it revolves around eating nearly as much (or maybe even more) as getting into the game, rooting for your pick and enjoying the commercials. If you have some control over what you'll be serving or eating this coming Sunday, here are three makeovers that can help keep you light on your toes:

1) Ditch the Loaded Nachos, Hello Tacos

Out of Bounds Calorie Bomb:

24 tortilla chips piled with 4 oz seasoned ground beef, a quarter cup refried beans, half cup shredded cheddar cheese, a quarter cup of sour cream and 1 chopped jalapeno

1,005 calories


Fill 2 taco sized soft whole corn tortillas each with 2 oz grilled chicken breast or a quarter cup black beans and top with shredded Romaine lettuce or baby spinach leaves and a total of a quarter cup of chipotle salsa and a quarter of a ripe avocado, mashed or chopped

289 calories (savings: 716 cals)

2) Fire Up the Grill, Not the Deep Flyer

Penalty Calorie Bomb:

10 honey BBQ bone in chicken wings

1,150 calories


Load up 4 skewers – spike each with 1 oz of chicken breast (or cubes of extra firm tofu) and veggies, such as cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms and slices of onion, Bell pepper and zucchini - mist with herb-infused extra virgin olive oil and grill

135 calories for all 4 kabobs (savings: 1,015 cals)

3) Lighten Up Your Pizza & Beer Combo

Calorie Bomb Fumble:

2 slices large (14") stuffed crust meat lover's pizza

2 regular 12 oz beers

1,252 calories


2 slices medium 12" thin crust veggie pizza (marinara sauce, cheese, onions, peppers and mushrooms)

2 ultra low carb 12 oz beers

492 calories (savings: 760 cals)

Total Super Bowl Snack Savings: 2,491 calories. Have a great weekend!


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