February 01, 2011

I was talking to client today about Superbowl party options and the way I see it there are 3 choices:

1) Go crazy, eat what you want and accept the "side effects" (e.g. a slight bump up in your weight or maybe not losing if you're trying to reduce).

2) Don't partake in any party fare.

3) Make or order healthier versions of favorites.

4) Splurge on some must-haves and balance them by lightening up others.

In my experience while #1 feels good in the moment, it often comes with regret. And #2 can lead to feelings of deprivation, which may lead to rebound overeating down the road. That leaves #3 and #4, which seem like the most realistic and satisfying choices. Today I'll focus on #3 and #4 in tomorrow's post.

So in my experience football favs tend to include pizza, wings, chips and dips!

Here's my strategy for making each healthier:

  • Order thin crust veggie with extra sauce and light cheese rather than hand-tossed pizza topped with meat.
  • Make grilled chicken skewers rather than wings.
  • Rather than potato chips with creamy dip serve whole corn tortilla chips with salsa.

Per 2 slices of medium pizza, 2 skewers (vs. 5 wings) and a handful of chips with a golf ball sized portion of salsa (rather than dip), these changes are the equivalent of NOT needing to jump on the Elliptical for an extra 50 minutes!

Seem worth it? Please let me know what you think!


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