These Amazon Leggings Are Taking Over TikTok for Their Ability to Create a Peach-Like Booty

Everywhere you look, you’ll see these butt-lifting bottoms. 
By InStyle
January 13, 2021
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Remember 2018? It was the year that the Queer Eye reboot premiered, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, and Beyoncé gifted the world with her Coachella performance. It was also the year when a coat got so famous that it would become known simply as The Amazon Coat

But it is not 2018, and this is not another story about The Amazon Coat (Buy It, $150, Oh, no. This is 2021, and one pair of butt-lifting leggings (Buy It, $13, is now giving Amazon's most-known item a run for its money. This is thanks in part, of course, to TikTok, a supporter The Amazon Coat never had, an entity so powerful that it trolled the (soon-to-be former) president, transformed the beauty industry, and got all of Hollywood to do the Renegade in one year's time. 

Will The Amazon Leggings overthrow The Amazon Coat? All signs point to probably. (Related: The Best Leggings On Amazon, According to Customer Reviews)

Credit: Amazon

Everyone from influencers to heavy lifters started posting reviews of the leggings on Amazon this fall. They so far have a whopping 15,789 five-star reviews. Not to mention, they come in so many colors and sizes, from XS to XXXL. It's basically a sea of booty-full choices.

And now, in the new year, the bottoms are even starting to get recognition from full-blown fitness stars like Tracy Anderson. The leggings have become so popular that the hashtag #amazonleggings has 31 million views on TikTok. (Sure, some don't feature the leggings, but all the top posts do.) And a search for "the amazon leggings" on Twitter leads to a whole host of tweets all about how incredible the booty-boosting pants are.

The leggings have a scrunched center that aligns with your butt crack so that when you put them on, they really emphasize your rear end. The description sounds a bit scary, but if you check out any of the viral videos showcasing the leggings, you'll see that they do seem to make quite the difference. (Insert peach emoji here.)

When they're on, your butt appears to be lifted and highlighted. It looks like you've done 1,000 squats daily for the past five years when the reality is that you've been binging Bridgerton (and playing over *that* honeymoon episode again and again) for the past two weeks. And don't worry, the scrunched center isn't noticeable when they're on. Everything looks naturally plump. (Sounds like they just might rival Gym Shark's booty-boosting leggings.)

Whether or not The Amazon Leggings dethrone The Amazon Coat is still to be determined. Until that official call is made, we're getting the butt-transforming bottoms in every color.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon