No dumbbells necessary.

By InStyle
February 06, 2020

Multitasker and glove-wearer extraordinaire Blake Lively has an unorthodox approach to weight training that doesn't involve any actual weights. In a new video, Lively told Vanity Fair that she wakes up at 5 a.m. to squeeze a workout into her packed schedule, but adds one minor detail: That workout includes her kids, who act as makeshift weight vests because they're hanging all over her. (This mom has exercising with her kids down pat.)

"On an average day on set, I probably woke up at 5 a.m., but mostly because I was doing mama duty with my girls. Have breakfast with them, hang out with them, work out with them," she said. "Cause I didn't want to wake up any earlier. I'm not Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. I had to just get some sleep."

She got deeper into the routine, which is something that some moms may relate to: "So, I would actually wake up and work out with my girls," she added. "So, I would sort of use them as weights. Instead of wearing a weight vest, I got to wear my children." (Related: Why Blake Lively Wants the Celebration Of the 'Post-Baby Body' to Stop)

So, she's not exactly deadlifting toddlers or bench pressing her daughters, but having them with her—on her, even—is just the thing to get her motivated, whether she wants it or not.

Lively went on to say that the kids took over her nighttime routine, too, which had her falling asleep in their crib.

"My kids, they don't ever go to sleep, honestly. We gotta invent something," she said. "My kids had, like, a pack-and-play—almost like a crib—and I would crawl in there and sing them to sleep, and usually I'd fall asleep in there. Almost every single night I'd fall asleep in there."

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