The actress said "BYEEEEEEEEEE" to two Instagram commenters who said rude things about her body.

By People
September 03, 2019
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Busy Philipps has no interest in keeping negative commenters around.

The actress, 40, said "BYEEEEEEEEEE" to two Instagram commenters who criticized her looks after she posted a pre-Labor Day weekend photo.

In the photo, a straight-faced Philipps poses against a fence. She captioned the post, "Get. That. Holiday. Weekend."

Among the uplifting and celebratory comments were two negative responses that Philipps quickly called out.

After one said "Omfg I'm sooooo tired of that upside-down smile of yours," she told the commenter to leave, as the Instagram account Comments by Celebs highlighted.

"Then I have some FANTASTIC NEWS FOR YOU!" Philipps wrote. "You can UNFOLLOW ME AND NEVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!" (Related: Busy Philipps Called Out a Troll Who Said Her Skin Is "Terrible")

Then a second, male commenter told Philipps, "Lost so much weight look great."

"Bro. BRO. No. Absolutely not, sir. KEEP MOVING. BYEEEEEEEEEE," she responded. (Related: Busy Philipps Has Some Pretty Epic Things to Say About Changing the World)

Philipps, unfortunately, has dealt with plenty of Instagram body-shaming in the past, and frequently calls out her critics on the social media platform. After one incident in 2018, she wrote about how frustrating it can be to get these negative comments.

"You know how when you're a woman, sometimes people feel like they should be able to comment about your body all the time or make laws about your body? Well when you're an actress, or any female in the public eye, everyone feels that they can comment on your body all the f—— time. Always," she said.

Philipps, who is now one of clothing brand Aerie's unretouched models, said that famous or not, people should not make unsolicited comments about other people's bodies.

"I think it's a good thing to err on the side of 'Let's not talk to people about their bodies unless they bring it up first and they want to talk about their bodies,'" she said.

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