Get through airport security (and look cute doing it) with this laptop pack.

By Hello Giggles
December 06, 2019
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Growing up I remember looking at movies and admiring the working female-leads—always on the go, always stylish, always ready for whatever the day had prepared for them. Even as a child I planned on being that on-the-go working woman, but one thing I never thought about was the bag I’d use to be that woman. I started my first job the summer after my freshman year of college, and once the school year started again in September, I found myself lugging around my textbooks from work to school, and they simply didn’t fit in the stylish purses that all those women wore on TV. I needed a backpack, but I could never find a stylish one that looked good, fit my laptop and books, and wouldn’t leave me bankrupt. Until recently. (Lugging around gym clothes too? Grab one of these street-ready packs.)

Calpak is mainly known for its beautiful and practical luggage, but it also has a backpack—let me rephrase, it has the backpack.


Buy It: Calpak Kaya Faux Leather Laptop Backpack, $105,

It has a separate laptop compartment with a snap-tab sleeve that’s incredibly useful when trying to organize your bag—and also helps you access it quickly when going through TSA at the airport—the main compartment has three pockets and an interior zipper, and it has an exterior pocket for everything you may need quickly, like your wallet or a pack of gum. The exterior is made of vegan leather, and because it’s so sturdy, the frame never slumps and always maintains its sleek design. Because I work in digital media I’m constantly on the move and I write from wherever—needless to say I carry my laptop around a lot—and as a fashion editor, I always want to look put-together.

This backpack, called the Kaya Laptop Backpack, comes in four colors at Nordstrom (black, blush pink, mint, and stone), and on Calpak's website there are six additional colors (Burgundy, caramel, charcoal, gunmetal black, navy, and pear). I currently own the caramel and am planning on gifting myself the gunmetal black one for the holidays—I’ll be able to match my entire wardrobe with both those neutral tones.

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