She'll take part in experiments from "world-leading sex labs."

By Hello Giggles
August 26, 2020

This story originally appeared on by Olivia Harvey.

Model and actress Cara Delevingne will host and star in a new documentary series produced by Hulu and BBC Three. Tentatively called Planet Sex, the series will explore the world of sexual and gender identity and expression. (Related: What It Really Means to Be Gender Fluid or Identify As Non-Binary)

Planet Sex is a "high-end" docuseries that takes on commonly taboo topics in the world of television, such as pornography, sex appeal, and how human sexuality takes on a variety of different forms, according to Deadline.

Delevingne, who identifies as pansexual, will take part in experiments conducted at world-leading sex labs. (Related: What Does It Mean to Be Pansexual?)

With Planet Sex, she'll also visit communities where gender expression and sexuality are viewed and talked about very differently.

Not only will Delevingne be the face of Planet Sex, but she will also produce with Simon Andreae of Naked Television and Amy Foster, who has produced myriad National Geographic shows.

The docuseries reportedly began filming at the start of the year, but after it was put on hold due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it has recently re-started production. Delevingne also just wrapped on Season 2 of Amazon's Carnival Row, in which she stars alongside Orlando Bloom.

With Planet Sex back in production, we will hopefully see it hit Hulu and BBC Three at some point next year if everything continues to go according to plan.


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