"It's messing with my mind," she wrote on Twitter.

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Chrissy Teigen is thinking with her stomach.

The Bring the Funny judge, 33, revealed on Twitter that she’s been sick for more than a month and that it’s seriously messing with her tastebuds.

It all began when People’s food editor, Shay Spence, decided to make the viral deep-fried BBQ chicken stuffed pizzadilla, to horrifying results.

Spence shared the whole experience on his Instagram Stories and in a Twitter thread, and internet users were united in disgust for the over-the-top combination of foods. But the “rancid-ish” concoction of sweet barbecue sauce, raw onions, pizza sauce, and sour cream did appeal to one notable food-loving celeb: Teigen.

“CRAP this looks fantastic to me noooooooo,” Teigen tweeted along with Spence’s video of the final concoction. (Related: What Chrissy Teigen Eats Almost Every Day)

When another Twitter user responded, saying, “Chrissy NO,” the model and cookbook author explained, “I’ve had a stomach virus for over a month and can’t eat what I want. I think it’s messing with my mind.”

In another tweet, she shared more details of her illness, blaming herself for stopping her medication early because she had been feeling better.

“On…week 6 of a stomach virus,” she said. “Stopped antibiotics early because I started getting better. I’m stupid. I should have just pooped in the damn cup. If a doctor tells you to poop in a cup, just do it. Don’t be too prideful. Finish your meds. Poop in the cup.”

Earlier this month, the mother of two mentioned feeling off, even expressing worry that she had an ulcer.

“I haven’t been feeling like my best self lately,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Like pretty super below it. I think I have an ulcer. Also, I’m super cranky. And tired. Don’t tell me to go to the doctor. I will. But I still need help with the cranky part is there a cranky dr.”

In a comment on the same post, she went into more detail, saying that her stomach “is so mad at me.”

“I think I need to eat really bland things for a month,” she wrote. “I eat so spicy and garlicky and acidic. My stomach is so mad at me. I think my organs are 1/1000th of a millimeter thick and about to go. Love u guys.”

It appears that Teigen’s month of eating “bland” is still going—and that her tastebuds, if not her stomach, are ready to go back to her usual diet.

This story originally appeared on People.com by Ashley Boucher. 



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