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Shoppers Say This $16 Vitamin C-Infused Night Cream Gives Them a 'Noticeable Glow'

A dermatologist shares why vitamin C is the magic ingredient.
By InStyle
September 10, 2021
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There's nothing better than skin care that delivers on its promised results, except when it visibly improves your complexion while you sleep. Night creams are a tried and true beauty staple that comes through for your skin without fancy bells and whistles. But not all are created equal; one contender that gives the phrase "beauty sleep" a new meaning is this vitamin C night cream with potent anti-aging properties.

The hero ingredient in the Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream (Buy It, $16, was $23,, vitamin C is an antioxidant that brightens the skin and reduces dark spots, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Often found in serums, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kavita Mariwalla tells InStyle that a night cream is also an effective way to apply the ingredient. "The idea behind this is that you scavenge away the free radicals that occur during the day from ultraviolet exposure and pollution."

DERMA E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream
Credit: Amazon

In addition to vitamin C, the cream contains rooibos, which according to Dr. Mariwalla is a highly underrated ingredient. "It has been used in pediatric populations for eczema and is a natural plant-derived ingredient that repairs the skin barrier and makes it feel more hydrated. It is also a very good antioxidant," she notes. 

The cream is topped off with probiotics. These team up with the rooibos in the formula to replenish the skin's natural barrier, which assists the vitamin C with new cell turnover, leading to skin that looks firm and radiant. (Related: This Probiotic Beauty Line Will Let Your Skin Microbiome Thrive)

With its impressive formula, we're not shocked that shoppers love the cream. One Amazon reviewer said their "skin has pretty much cleared up in just a week and a half" of use.

Another customer called it "effective for diminishing wrinkles." They add, "I like this natural product because it's effective for softening and moisturizing the face"

One shopper also said that the cream is a "good product for first-time vitamin C users," potentially making it a nice option for those who are just starting out with the ingredient. They added: "When I wake up in the morning, there's a noticeable glow to my face, and my skin always looks really nice and even, which is why I continue using this product."

This night cream works for most skin types and many different concerns. Simply apply some before bed and let the Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream work its magic. Your skin will look firmer, clearer, and more radiant in the morning, especially with consistent use. But hurry — grab yours while it's on sale for $16 at Amazon now.