Olaf-shaped hot cocoa bombs are the ultimate stocking stuffer for fans of the cartoon (or chocolate!).

By Eating Well
December 16, 2020
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Credit: @disneyparks/TikTok/ Tina Terras & Michael Walter/Getty

This story originally appeared on EatingWell.com by Karla Walsh.

The most quoted line of Disney’s 2013 blockbuster Frozen may have been “let it go,” but we’ll never forget sweet Olaf (the cheerful snowman) and his heartwarming observation that, “Some people are worth melting for.”

Now, thanks to the chocolatiers at Walt Disney World Resort, Olaf — okay, an edible recreation of him — will be doing the melting. And he’ll be doing so in the most trendy way: as a hot chocolate bomb!

Ever since October, when we first posted about the Costco version of the mesmerizing just-add-warm-liquid cocoa treat called a “hot chocolate bomb” or “hot cocoa bomb,” they’ve been flying off store shelves, out of Etsy store mailboxes, and popping up at local bakeries. Earlier this month, we thought Trader Joe’s had released quite possibly the cutest version ever with their snowman-shaped hot cocoa bomb...that is, until now. (Related: Hot Chocolate Bombs Are Blowing Up the Internet — Here’s How to Make Them)

We first spotted these sweet chocolate surprises on TikTok and knew we needed to try one ASAP. Made at The Ganachery at Disney Springs, this new Olaf Chocolate Surprise is a chocolate shell shaped like the lovable cartoon filled with cocoa mix that offers a hint of caramel flavor. Just warm a pot of warm milk on the stove and heat until it simmers. Whisk in the chocolate Olaf, pour into a couple of mugs, and garnish the homemade vanilla bean marshmallows that come with each two-serving, $14 hot cocoa bomb. (BTW, these red wine chocolate cookies taste ah-mazing alongside the cocoa.)

The chocolate shop only has 75 Olaf molds at the moment (but are working on getting more) and the limited-edition Olaf Chocolate Surprises are not sold online due to their delicate structure. So the best bet to get your fix is to swing by The Ganachery before 10 a.m. to get in line as one of the first 75 customers, Amanda Lauder, a chef chocolatier at the Walt Disney World shopping destination, told TODAY Food.

Since we don’t plan on visiting Disney World in the near future, we’ll be making our best DIY attempt at home using our Test Kitchen’s Hot Chocolate Bombs recipe and this Olaf-shaped silicone mold (Buy It, $6, etsy.com). Even a messy, not-super-precise attempt will still be delicious. And hey, if it doesn’t turn out quite as cute as The Ganachery’s version, we have the perfect mantra for that lingering perfectionism, straight from Queen Elsa herself. “Let it go.”


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