This $10 Face Waxing Kit Has Kept Me Stubble-Free Throughout Quarantine

At-home grooming at its finest.
By InStyle
February 12, 2021
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Nearly a year after the pandemic began, and it's safe to say that at-home grooming and beauty treatments aren't going away any time soon. When I first heard of stay-at-home orders, I knew it'd impact my daily life, but the last thing on my mind was facial hair. But a few months in, that changed when I noticed my upper lip and sideburns like never before.

That's not to say there's anything wrong with body hair (because there's not!), it's just my personal preference to live without it. And while I wasn't seeing anyone due to social distancing, I couldn't help but notice the stubble, and I wanted a solution — it was time to take matters into my own hands. 

So when I heard a friend raving about at-home waxing strips, I figured, why not? Enter: Flamingo's Face Wax Kit (Buy It, $10,, which the brand claims can remove "even the finest and shortest of hairs" (as short as 1.5 millimeters). My hair is naturally thick — like really thick — so I wondered if this kit could actually get the job done. I decided to put it to the test. (Scared of waxing? Try these facial hair removal products.)

In order for me to buy something, I need to see that it's convenient. Right off the bat, I knew the Flamingo face wax kit was going to be hassle-free because there were no heating requirements or sticks in sight to scare me away. I actually felt like I was capable of doing this without messing up. 

Each kit comes with 20 wax strips, six post-wax cloths infused with almond oil to remove any excess wax, and a roll-on aloe vera calming serum to soothe the skin. The application process couldn't be any easier: All you have to do is peel the strips apart before placing one onto the skin. Then, per the included instructions, press firmly in the same direction that your hair is growing (in my case, I pressed down from the center of my upper lip toward the sides) and pull the waxing strip in the opposite direction.  (Related: The Best At-Home Wax Strips, According to Customer Reviews)

Based on Flamingo's waxing guide, I only used one waxing strip on each side of my lip (but about two pulls each) to avoid any potential irritation or inflammation. I also appreciated that the face waxing strips were cut into unique wavy designs — similar to the brand's fan-favorite body waxing strips — that made for easy peeling. Full disclaimer, I have a high tolerance for pain, but I found the process to be so quick, simple, and pain-free. 

Flamingo's face wax kit will set you back just $10. If you're looking for more than face waxing, the brand's body waxing kit (Buy It, $10, is also a great option for waxing your underarms, bikini line, and legs at home. Plus, Flamingo offers other grooming and body care products that don't involve waxing, including shaving sets (Buy It, $20, and moisturizers (Buy It, $25,

Shop the easy-to-use wax kit that kept my skin looking smooth and soft during quarantine, below.

Credit: Flamingo