Céline Dion is also a fan.

By InStyle
December 08, 2019
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Since Jennifer Lopez doesn't appear to age, I'd imagine she also doesn't get cold. The woman is a goddess, a queen, the biggest Hustler of the entire year, and I just don't think she deals with these annoying regular-human things like the rest of us do. I'm pretty sure she's just been stepping out in a series of coats—each one more iconic than the last—to show us that we don't have to look like the Michelin man when bundled up. But her secret is actually what she has on underneath. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Loves These Leggings So Much, She Has Them In Three Different Colors)

Lopez always finds elegant, streamlined, and stylish ways to wear layers on layers on layers, and the key to her best winter outfits seems to be a certain Wolford Bodysuit that even Céline Dion is a fan of. She's worn the Colorado String Bodysuit on repeat for the past couple of weeks with seemingly everything in her closet, including leather pants, teddy coats, sunglasses, and gold hoops.

Since Wolford bodysuits are celeb-approved and widely considered to be the best bodysuits ever made, this luxe option that Lopez can't stop wearing would normally cost you $250. That is, unless you buy it on Amazon, where it's currently on sale for only $195.

With its classic high turtleneck and fitted sleeves, the Wolford Colorado String Bodysuit is basically the essential winter layer you've been missing. While I'm not sure anyone will look like as much of a winter goddess in it as J. Lo does, I'd say it's definitely worth trying. (Related: Winter Workout Clothes That Stand Up to Any Weather)

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