Dust off your trapper keepers and have the slumber party of your '90s dreams.

By Travel + Leisure
October 10, 2019
Lisa Frank Hotel
Credit: Hotels.com

Welcome to the hotel room that's like living inside your old '90s trapper keeper.

Every tween's favorite psychedelic colored brand from the 1990s, Lisa Frank, partnered up with Hotels.com to grace the world with this bright, colorful, and totally rad hotel room in the Barsala hotel in Los Angeles, Cosmopolitan reported.

The luxurious stay is pretty much everything you'd want in an upscale hotel, complete with a kitchen, a full-sized bathroom, and a canopy bed for two. But it's all decked out in rainbows, dolphins, leopard and zebra prints, and some of the most popular animal designs you carted around in middle school.

The bathroom, according to Cosmopolitan, is aptly decorated in a brilliant seascape, including a mermaid scale bath rug, a hot pink robe for you to lounge around in, and a giant, fabulous mural of blue and pink dolphins decorating the shower. Grab yourself a rainbow glitter bath bomb and you're in Lisa Frank heaven. (Related: Stop Everything! Lisa Frank Now Makes Workout Clothes for Women)

The kitchen is a bit more subtle, or as subtle as you can be when it comes to Lisa Frank. Cabinets sport all the colors of the spectrum plus some animal print accents. But perhaps the most exciting part of this area is that it comes packed to the brim with popular '90s snacks, according to Cosmopolitan. From the look of it, you've got Pixy Sticks, Planter's Cheez Balls, Airheads, Gushers, and Fun Dip, plus lots more.

In addition, the queen-sized canopy bed sits on a hot pink bed frame next to a mural of clouds and rainbows to help you drift off to dreamland. The stay also has a living room area, decorated with a multi-colored heart rug, a puffy white couch, and lots of LF pillows sporting your favorite classic animal icons like that fluffy white cat with rainbow wings. You or someone you know definitely had a pocket folder like that in school. (Related: Reebok Is Giving Away a Lisa Frank Sneaker That Will Make Your '90s Dreams Come True)

And true to the Lisa Frank brand, the desk area is stocked up with bright stationery, pens and pencils, desk accessories, and a classic calendar. Hopefully, there will be some stickers in there. It's unclear whether some of this stuff is "complimentary," but perhaps you can always add it to your bill if you want to take something like a notepad home. Just remember that not everything in a hotel is a free souvenir. Some major self-control may be required.

Lucky Lisa Frank lovers can stay in this totally rad hotel room between October 11 and October 27 for $199 a night. Bookings will not open until October 11, so bookmark the Hotels.com website now. This place is going to book up fast.

But if you can't make it to the hotel room, Lisa Frank has something for you, too. She's releasing a co-lab of phone cases with CASETiFY.

This story originally appeared on TravelandLeisure.com by Andrea Romano.