MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings.

I've Tried Dozens of High-End Leggings, and This Sculpting Pair Beats Out All the Competition

As a yoga instructor, I live in leggings. This $54 pair fits, flatters, and feels like no other.
By InStyle
March 31, 2021
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Even before the pandemic, I wore leggings more than jeans and had a closet stuffed with athleisure. In fact, I earned the nickname "Miss Lululemon" during yoga teacher-training because of my truly staggering collection of leggings. To be fair, I'm an avid runner, hiker, skier, yogi, and cyclist, so I definitely need all those leggings… or so I tell myself.

Through the years, I've tried plenty of leggings from high-end brands like Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and Beyond Yoga for my various athletic endeavors. But it's actually my least expensive pair of leggings that I love the most: the $54 MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings (Buy It, $54, They're literally half the price of my Lululemons and 1,000 times better.

The reason I'm so obsessed with these MPG Sport leggings is that they're exceptionally high-waisted, falling exactly at my waistline to help give me the appearance of an hourglass shape. While I'd normally be too self-conscious to wear a matching sports bra and leggings combo, I feel comfortable doing just that with these leggings because only a few inches of my stomach shows. The sculpting effects of these leggings are so pronounced, my mom audibly gasped the first time she saw me in them, then told me I should always wear them. (Related: This Lululemon Yoga Mat Got Me Through 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training)

Mama knows best, so I've been taking her advice to heart by wearing these high-waisted leggings almost every day. Since I live in Park City, Utah, that means these leggings are my go-to for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tons of walking. The leggings are stretchy and squat-proof, with a sneaky inner pocket on the waistband where I could hold my keys or driver's license. They hold up great during all my turning and tucking on the slopes, and they've become an après ski essential because of how comfortable they are.

MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings in Coffee
Credit: MPG Sport

Made with a polyester-spandex blend, these leggings feel smooth and soft to the touch. I wear them on down days where my only action item is to read a book in front of the fireplace, as well as on days where I clock in over 12,000 steps. They wash up beautifully, retaining their flattering shape over time, and they fit true to size. I own them in the color coffee, which looks like a deep burgundy in real life, but they also come in black, violet smoke, dark teal, and heather charcoal. With a 31-inch inseam, the compression leggings are perfect for my 5'6" frame, and they're also available in a 27-inch version (Buy It, $54, for those who are more petite.

MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings in Black,
Credit: MPG Sport

While I used to be Miss Lululemon, now I'm Miss MPG Sport, recommending these amazing leggings to all my friends. Clearly, I'm not the only one who feels this way: The leggings have an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars, with reviewers raving in the comments section about how durable and comfortable they are. People are calling them the "perfect leggings," which, as a leggings connaisseur, I feel confident backing them on.

Below, shop the compression leggings that make me feel like a goddess and put all my other athleisure to shame. And for $54 each, you might as well go ahead and order several pairs.

MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings in Violet Smoke
Credit: MPG Sport
MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings in Dark Teal
Credit: MPG Sports
MPG Rapid High-Waisted Leggings in HTR Charcoal
Credit: MPG Sport