The strappy styles provide support without restricting movement.

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February 05, 2020
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It might be 2020, but cheerleaders are still forced to prove they’re serious competitive athletes. Thankfully, Netflix’s documentary, Cheer, is an integral part of the cause, taking a deep dive into the competitive world of cheerleading through the title-holding team at Navarro College.

The six-part series follows the acclaimed team through a demanding season preparing for the NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. Viewers watch as the cheerleaders compete to “make mat” (that is, compete against their own teammates—only half the team performs), perfect complex tumbling passes, and refine death-defying pyramid stunts. To summarize, it’s the content Netflix binges were designed for. (Feeling motivated after binging Cheer? Try this total-body cheer- and pilates-inspired cardio workout.)

As expected, the team quickly moved beyond cheer-lebrity status to widespread fame after the show’s release—and now people want to know everything about them. What do they eat? What do they drink? What do they ~dream~? And, most importantly, what do they wear?

While there aren't answers to all of those questions, if you’ve wondered what sports bras the team trusts for tumbling, jumping, and other high-impact moves, you’re in luck: Navarro cheerleader Morgan Simianer revealed her teammates’ top picks in an interview with New York magazine earlier this week. She divulged that the team typically leans toward Lululemon sports bras, like the Lululemon Free To Be Bra Wild (Buy It, $48, or picks from the Nike Pro line, like the Nike Women’s Pro Indy Sports Bra (Buy It, from $28,

On the pricier end of the spectrum, the Free To Be Bra Wild is perfect for the wide range of movements performed by cheerleaders with its low-friction, quick-drying fabric that won’t cause chafing or painful rubbing. It’s also made with four-way stretch and built-in shape retention that lasts wash after wash—a must when you’re consistently sweating it out. The light support bra, optimized for A and B cups, also features a super strappy back design that’s not only stylish, but also allows your skin to breathe. (If you have a larger cup size, opt for one of these cute and comfy sports bras.)

The slightly less expensive Nike Women’s Pro Indy Sports Bra is also a low-impact style with a strappy design that won’t restrict movement. Available in 16 colors and sizes XS-XXXL, the fast-drying style is made with a moisture-wicking material and back mesh panel for breathability. It has a low-cut construction and a racerback cut for a “barely there” feel. (If you're heading straight from the studio to the office, rock one of these sports bras that double as bralettes.)

Regardless of personal sports bra preference, Simianer said the team’s goal is always “to make sure that we’re comfortable and ready to work.” And with either of these styles, you’ll be ready for a competitive cheer-level workout, too. Now you’ll just have to decide if you want to channel your inner Shannon Woolsey with a bit of Lulu or go for Gabi Butler’s Nike-focused look.


Buy It: Lululemon Free To Be Bra Wild, $48,


Buy It: Nike Women’s Pro Indy Sports Bra, from $28,

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