Paris Hilton's Skin-Care Routine Includes Light Therapy, Retinol, and This $15 Eye Mask

Here’s where you can get the products she swears by.
By InStyle
July 16, 2021
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Paris Hilton wants to help you relax. Sharing her nightly wind-down routine with Glamour, the celebrity detailed the exact skin-care products she trusts, including a budget-friendly eye mask available on Amazon. 

In addition to admitting that wearing Hello Kitty pajamas and watching old episodes of The Simple Life are staples in her nightly regimen, Hilton said she uses beauty as a means of relaxation. After taking a bath, the heiress has an "entire skin-care routine" she follows, beginning with a serum. "I love U Beauty. Their Super Hydrator [Buy It, $68,] is amazing. I use that every single night and morning," she said of the hyaluronic acid-infused item.

U Beauty SUPER Hydrator Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
Credit: Amazon

She also pays careful attention to the eye area by relying on multiple products, including a set of eye masks from ToGoSpa (Buy It, $15, that she "loves." (More on that in a second.) After masking, she applies multiple products from the buzzy skin-care brand Sunday Riley, including a retinol oil (Buy It, $55, and a brightening serum (Buy It, $76, The trio of skin-care goodies are a definite change in routine since Hilton spoke with InStyle in 2016: Back then, she relied on skin-care staples containing gold and diamonds. (Related: Are Fancy Gold-Infused Skin-Care Products Worth the Hype?)

Hilton's beloved $15 ToGoSpa eye masks don't include any gemstones, but they do have beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. They're also a favorite of multiple Amazon shoppers, including one that could hardly believe their post-mask results. "These are the best things I have ever used! The bags under my eyes (caused from planning a wedding) are mostly gone," they wrote. Another shopper reported "great results," writing of eyes that looked "brighter and rested."

ToGoSpa Green Tea Eye Masks
Credit: Amazon

Before settling completely under covers, Hilton told Glamour that she uses the LightStim for Wrinkles wand (Buy It, $249,, which emits waves of light that are intended to help skin appear more youthful and radiant. A self-admitted believer in light therapy, Hilton said that she's experienced "amazing positive effects" from the process. 

Many of Hilton's favorite beauty staples can be found at Amazon or Sephora, but there is one relaxation-related item shoppers can't purchase: She said she can especially sleep well at night because "I'm so loved and feel safe by the most loyal and incredible man I've ever met in my life." Aww.

Stock up on more of Hilton's current favorite skin-care products below.

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