The best part is, they actually work.

By InStyle
June 26, 2020
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Seeing is believing, and TikTok users truly felt that when they saw how well a certain pack of pore strips worked. User @kaelynwhitee recently posted a personal review of them, and, as any life-changing product posted online does, it went viral and sold out everywhere. In fact, a whopping 5,000 units of the Peace Out Pore Strips (Buy It, $19, sold in just one day—and more than 15,000 of them sold last week, according to a brand rep. But now, these under-$20 wonders are finally back in stock. (FYI: TikTok might also make you want to try Pepto-Bismol face masks, but derms say otherwise.)

The grossly satisfying pore strips are a bit more advanced than the typical drugstore finds. You leave the hydrocolloid patches on clean skin for up to six hours—basically the length of a good Netflix binge—and just as Kaelyn showed in her video, you can watch them suck up dirt, sebum, skin cells, and everything else that might be hiding in your pores in real-time. Instead of sticking to and ripping out the gunk, the strips soak it in, so you won’t have a Mia Thermopolis moment and damage your skin. (Related: Do Pore Strips Actually Work to Remove Blackheads?)

Each package comes with four nose strips and four pore strips that are designed to be used anywhere you need, like on your chin or forehead. Each strip is translucent, too, so you don’t have to go into hiding while wearing them. Wear them out on a socially distanced walk, and if you’re keeping that safe six-foot distance, nobody will be able to tell. You could even film your own viral TikTok without other viewers catching on. (ICYMI, people are also using dental floss to clear their pores.)

With more than 50,000 loves on Sephora and a solid four-star rating, the strips are getting seriously popular, so their restock likely won’t last long. Shop the viral pore strips below while they’re still available.

Peace Out Skincare

Buy It: Peace Out Pore Strips, $19,


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