Everyone who isn’t Gen Z is officially old now.

By InStyle
February 19, 2020
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If you’ve been trying to become Instagram-famous, or even if you’ve simply been “doing it for the ‘gram,” it is, unfortunately, over for you. Millennials should get comfortable with the reality that they have become the very Boomers they’ve been roasting all these years. Gen Z has arrived, and it’s dancing its crudely edited existence onto your screens and into the marketplace.

While you (we) were out doing something decidedly passé, Gen Z was steering its soapbox to the helm of tastemaking and product recommendation, causing a single product to go absolutely viral within just 48 hours.

TikTok user @kaelynwhitee posted a split-screen video of her skin, showing its state before and after discovering The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. Kae’s video, which now has over 565,000 likes, spurred the sale of over 52,000 units of the serum in just two weeks, according to a representative of the beauty brand. (Related: Doctors Are Flocking to TikTok to Spread the Word About Fertility, Sex Ed, and More)

To a score of “Like That” by Doja Cat feat. Gucci Mane and through a sparkling KiraKira veil, Kae demonstrates the serum’s abilities to bring about “clear skin,” which she says “also helps with acne scars and uneven skin tone.” Not to mention a few hashtags which we don’t really get because we’re now, apparently, expired.

One thing we can attest to, though, is the serum’s efficacy. Formulated with both oil and water-soluble chemical exfoliants, the weekly peel helps to dislodge dead skin from living, smoothing your complexion and clearing the way for healthy growth. Not only does chemical exfoliation brighten skin and help heal scarring, like Kae claims in her video, it also protects against premature aging by making an inhospitable environment for damaging oxidizing agents. In other words, a well-kempt skin garden has fewer places for wrinkles and age-spot gnomes to hide. (Related: 10 Facial Peels to Banish Dead Winter Skin)

What’s even more astonishing than Kae’s glowing transformation, or TikTok making products go viral, or even that questionable gnome metaphor, is the fact that this serum is only $7. The Ordinary, if you’re not yet familiar with the beauty brand behind it, is well-loved in the community for making high-quality, ingredient-driven products at industry-challenging prices. The Peeling Solution alone has over 1,000 near-perfect reviews and well over 160,000 hearts on Sephora.

So basically what you should take from all of this is, not only are Gen Z quickly becoming the voice of the 2020s, they’re apparently also going to look young forever and be really rich from all the money they saved not buying overpriced skin care.

Shop their secret for only $7 below.

This story originally appeared on InStyle.com by Laura Reilly.


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