Inditex is stepping up to help those affected by the virus.

By InStyle
March 19, 2020
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With the coronavirus still rippling across the globe, everyone is stepping up to do their part—including fashion brands.

On Wednesday, Vogue reported that Inditex fashion group, which owns Zara, will make its factories and logistics teams available to the Spanish government to produce hospital gowns and masks for patients and medical workers.

Inditex is based in Galicia in Spain, where citizens have gone on lockdown in an attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a statement to Vogue, Inditex said it will make a delivery at least once a week "of materials we purchase directly," and that the company has already donated 10,000 protective face masks, and by the end of this week, expects to ship another 300,000 surgical masks. (Hold on, should everyone be wearing a face mask to protect against coronavirus?)

Inditex isn't the only fashion brand helping COVID-19 relief efforts. Earlier this week, it was announced that luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, the parent company of brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior, would manufacture hand sanitizer to provide free of charge to French health authorities.

Meanwhile, Miuccia PradaDonatella Versace, and Giorgio Armani were among those who made donations to help people impacted by the spread. (Here's what *you* can do to help those affected by COVID-19.)

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