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Workout Music

The Top 10 Workout Songs of 2015

Twelve months and 128,000 votes later, these are the top tracks of the year.

Can You Run to Holiday Music?

Fuel your workout with holiday cheer.

10 Songs to Soundtrack Your Summer Workouts

Grab your earbuds, your sunscreen, and your shades, and get ready to sizzle mega calories with these warm-weather anthems.

25-Minute Cardio Playlist

Match cardio intervals to the beat of these 7 songs to take the guess work out of your sweat session.

Flashback! The Best Workout Songs from 1980

Take a walk—or run—down memory lane with these blasts from the past.

The Ultimate Power Walking Playlist

Get motivated to move with this powered-up playlist perfect for speed walking.

Cycling Playlist: 10 Songs to Rock Your Ride

Use this cycling playlist to find music that matches your speed exactly.

Have a Field Day! Spring-Inspired Fitness Playlist

Firm and burn outdoors with this motivating workout mix.

Spin to Slim Cardio Playlist

Nothing gets your legs pumping on a ride like a heart-pumping playlist

A Rockin' Vinyasa Workout Playlist

Add a modern spin to your yoga practice with these hits for getting down (on the mat).

Treadmill Music: 10 Songs with the Perfect Tempo

10 songs to make indoor running not just tolorable, but enjoyable.

The 50 Best Workout Songs of 2012

The best tracks to take your mind off the burn and your eyes off the clock.

The Best Holiday Songs for Your Workout Playlist

No holiday workout playlist is complete without this roundup of holiday classics.

High-Energy Hits for the Elliptical

This cardio machine is much more fun with motivating music. Plus, download the matching workout plan!

Spinning Music: 10 Songs for an Intense DIY Ride

Get in gear with this playlist specifically designed for indoor cycling.

Dance Cardio Music: Your Perfect Playlist

Use these 10 songs to groove to the music without even trying.

Stairway to Heavenly Legs Playlist

Pair this cardio playlist with our lean legs routine to really crank up calorie burn.

Running Playlist: 10 Songs to Feed Your Need for Speed

Latest hits aren't fast enough for you? Try this uptempo running playlist.

Treadmill Tone-Up Playlist

Pump up your cardio workout and beat treadmill boredom with this workout playlist

Your FREE Workout Playlist for September

Transition from summer to fall seamlessly with this month's free playlist.

Download October's FREE Workout Playlist

Download this month's FREE workout playlist to pump up your next run.

My "I'd Rather Be Anywhere" Workout Playlist

10 songs that can turn your mood around and make you want to sweat.

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The Top 6 Country Songs for Your Workout

Boot, scoot, and boogie the pounds away.