Okay-raise of hands (or comment below!) about how many of you have ever experienced a little "leakage" (a small bit of pee, ahem…how embarrassing is this?) when exercising? Well, I know I did…definitely when I was pregnant (particularly in the last stages of pregnancy) and after I gave birth. But I NEVER talked about it. (It must just be me, I used to think...what's wrong with me? Obviously I can't control myself!) But I just saw these ads Whoopi Goldberg has put together (my fave attached here) and I had to laugh-and applaud her for speaking up about a problem-technically called urinary stress incontinence or light bladder leakage-so many women experience but are embarrassed to talk about. HELLO, women everywhere…there's NOTHING wrong with you. It happens to so many of us. Check out Whoopi's ad and write to me if you've ever experienced the problem or what your thoughts on Whoopi's ad are (you can check out her other ads at Also, look for a Whoopi ad during the Oscars...but you saw it here first!

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