Today is the first day of being different in so many ways.

I want to change my outlook on life because I really haven't been happy with the way my life has been lately. No on in my life understands this because I have a pretty good life to say the least. I have 2 jobs, wonderful place to live and a great family. With all that being said I just haven't found out who I am what I want to be and how I want to live the rest of my life. I am a teacher who couldn't find a job like many others and it makes me feel as if I am not good enough. That feeling is something I have struggled with since high school. I have gained 20 lbs from eating my feelings and not taking care of myself in the right ways.

I want to try and lose weight to gain energy back and confidence. I have a problem staying motivated and a problem with eating healthy for more than a couple of days. I am an instant gratification kind of girl and when I dont see results right away I tend to give up. i want to be able to do this the right way for the right reasons.

I will try my hardest to keep things going and to log every day