This High-Tech Eye Mask Does It All — Massages Eyes, Reduces Headaches, and Helps Me Fall Asleep

Therabody’s Smart Goggles are like noise machines, a vibrating facial, and a heat pad all in one.

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Editors Pick: Therabody Smart Goggles
Courtesy of Therabody.

I don’t think there’s a single person in the modern workplace (AKA, on a computer) who couldn’t benefit from some kind of optical relief. On a daily basis, I find that my eyes are tired, strained, and sometimes sensitive. This also gives way to frequent headaches — a combination of the aforementioned screen time, the side effects of my antidepressants, and some other health issues. So the idea of Therabody’s Smart Goggles, a high-tech eye mask that could do everything from help me sleep to massage my eyes and release some of the tension that has taken up permanent residence in my face, sounded incredibly appealing. 

Therabody Smart Goggles 

Editors Pick: Therabody Smart Goggles
Courtesy of Therabody.

Buy It: $199,

Therabody Smart Goggles Key Features

  • How I tested: I typically use my Smart Goggles throughout the day, but I often end up wearing them to fall asleep, too. The vibration and massage features are really soothing, it completely blocks out light, and it forces me to disconnect from my phone and other technology. I also use this intermittently throughout the workday when my eyes feel tired from all the screen time.
  • Perfect for: Anyone who has trouble disconnecting from their phone, falling asleep, is prone to headaches, experiences tired eyes from technology, likes sound therapy, or that clenches their jaw. 
  • What you’ll love: The three modalities are really great and versatile, and although they have suggested uses (Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep) you can find your own rhythm or preference. Additionally, there are three settings for both the heat and vibration features so you can control or turn them off to your liking. 
  • Key features: Vibration, air compression massage, heat, speakers for Bluetooth sync with TheraMind app. 

Therabody Smart Goggles Review

I want to first start off by saying that I’m not really a noise machine type of person, so I haven’t used the TheraMind sound-therapy feature very much. When the goggles are on, they also have their own faint mechanical whirring noise that I actually find to be quite meditative and relaxing. Regardless, I think the mask is worth its price for the added features alone. 

I use all three settings, but the Focus and Sleep settings are my favorite. The former is incredibly nice for a middle-of-the-day work break. I put Smart Goggles on and sit still for a few minutes while my under eyes and temples are heated and massaged. When I return to my screen, I feel rejuvenated — and with regular use, my eyes feel less tired overall. 

The Sleep modality is also wonderful, and I now use it most nights. It either gets me right to that sweet spot of heavy eyelid sleepiness or I straight up actually fall asleep with it on. Something about the combination and synchronization of vibration, air compression massage, and heat gives me the same sensation as when my aching body descends into a hot bath. 

High-tech wellness and beauty devices have become exceedingly numerous in the market, but Therabody’s Smart Goggles is the rare product you’ll find yourself using every day, perhaps even several times a day. 

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