Last weekend, I had a few writing projects that had to be completed before Monday, and I wanted to get in good workouts both days. I wrote out my weekend to-do list on Friday and steadily crossed things off as I finished them. By Sunday afternoon, I was pleased with my progress, but had a few things left to complete. I also felt like I needed something to look forward to for the evening, or else I knew I'd run out of steam before getting all of my work done. When I talked to my friend Patricia on the phone, she told me she's taking herself to the movie The Women this week for her birthday. Inspired by her idea, and looked up the movie time for Sunday evening's show. I had about four hours before the movie started, which gave me the motivation I needed to buckle down and finish my assignments. Treating myself-after doing everything I needed to do-was a refreshing and well-deserved way to end the weekend.