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6 Ways Being Tall Impacts Your Health

Because it's about more than ability to wear heels...

A Daily Glass of Red Wine Benefits Your Brain Age

How's this for a new diet? Drink vino daily and delay Alzheimer's.

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Your p.m. posture plays a powerful role in how your brain clears damaging waste.

Scary Medical Diagnoses Young Women Don't Expect

Learn the symptoms so you can protect yourself before serious health problems strike.

Seth Rogen and Wife, Lauren Miller, Take on Alzheimer's

With the support of her husband, MIller is on a mission to raise awareness about the disease that took her mother.

Groundbreaking New Study Sheds Light on the Mysterious Brain

New research suggests that certain brain areas could be "controlled" in the future.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Foods to Prevent Alzheimer's

Adopt a diet that will help keep your mind sharp well into your older years.

Shape Shares: Sniff Some Fruit, Make Healthier Choices

New research says sniffing an apple may be the secret to making healthier eating choices. (We’re not making this up!)

Why Can’t I Remember Names Anymore?!

First, chill. It’s not early-onset Alzheimer’s. Then check out these 8 anti-aging tips to keep your brain sharp and fit for life.

Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s?

A new book calls carbs (even healthy ones) “the brain’s silent killers.” Will ditching them save you from dementia?

The Link Between Dementia and Diabetes

Diabetes appears to increase a person's risk of developing dementia.

One Drink a Day for a Better Long-Term Memory? Study Says Yes

A new alcohol and memory study has found that moderate drinking may help prevent Alzheimer's because of alcohol's anti-inflammatory effects.

The Brain Benefit of Your Regular Cup of Joe

New caffeine research and coffee research finds that coffee may play a role in preventing or delaying Alzheimer's disease.

A Spice A Day Keeps These Worries At Bay

That five-alarm chili can do more than clear your sinuses