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Americans Are Malnourished (But Not for the Reasons You'd Think)

Most Americans have access to plenty of food, but that's not the problem.

Would You Eat a Restaurant Meal Made from Trash?

A new popup restaurant is openly serving diners scraps in the name of sustainability. Yum?

The Most Distinctive Foods by State

A new survey of menus digs in to find out who's eating what where—and the weird eating habits, state by state, may surprise you.

Is Fast Food Going Gourmet?

Some popular chains are going upscale in an effort to change public perception of their food from cheap and greasy to tasty and fancy.

You Can Pass "Fast Food" Genes On to Your Kids

How to reverse the process—starting today.

14 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.

In light of Europe banning some U.S. apples, find out what other baddies are banned in other countries—but A-okay in the U.S.

American Eating by the Numbers

Yowza. But that’s not the only shocking stat. These 20 eye-opening facts will make you rethink how you eat.

Seriously Disturbing Facts About Organic Food

Before you bite into that pesticide-free apple, watch this video. (Warning: You may lose your appetite.)

9 Common Foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients

Trade common foods with scary ingredients for these tasty, additive-free alternatives.

Will Millennials Make the Food Supply Healthier?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares how the food preferences of this generation may make it easier for all of us to eat better.