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arm workouts

How to Perform the Perfect Biceps Curl, According to Jen Widerstrom

Fitness pro Jen Widerstrom is here to set your curl form straight.

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15 Exercises That Sculpt Strong, Toned Arms

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The 11 Best Exercises for an A-List Body

If these 11 go-to celebrity trainer moves don’t only work for Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, and other stars—they’ll also work for you!

Sculpt All Over with Three Variations on a Classic Arm Exercise

Sculpt all over with tweaks on the basic push-up.

Shaun T Upper-Body Workout for Seriously Toned Arms

Er, or maybe just a more toned top half. We've got the celeb trainer's most effective arm-strengthening exercises.

6 Arm Exercises to Stun in Your Cocktail Dress

Get ready to go sleeveless with an upper-body that gives you the confidence to bare your arms at your next holiday party.

Allison Williams’ Core Fusion Barre Workout

Wondering how the actress got so fit for Peter Pan Live? Score her toned physique with her favorite exercises, here!

10-Minute Arms and Abs Toner Workout Video

Burn calories while toning sleek, sexy arms and a strong core with these highly effective dumbbell exercises.

6 Moves to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Tone sleek, strong arms with these no-equipment, fat-burning moves.

The Pushup Progression Workout

Do this ultra-customizable, no-weight exercise anywhere!

6-Minute Yoga to Sculpt Tank Top Arms

Build strength in your upper body and arms you’ll want to show off with this invigorating routine.

Strong in 7 Arms Workout

Tone your entire upper body and tighten your core at the same time so you can live in strappy tops all summer.

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Look-Good-Naked Workout

Score the star's tight and toned frame with this fun and sweaty dance party workout.

Arm Candy Workout: 7 Moves for Lean and Toned Arms

This pushup-inspired workout is just what you need to bare sexy, flab-free arms by summer.

The Best Workout for the Time You Have

Whether you can spare 1 minute or 30, we have a routine to fit into your busy day.