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A Smart Speaker

Sonos One Speaker

The key to maximizing the benefits of your at-home yoga practice? Creating the perfect atmosphere—which, obv, includes tunes. The Sonos One smart speaker comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa, so you can start a meditation, Bikram yoga flow, or switch playlists, all without leaving downward dog. (FYI, here are a bunch of ways Alexa can help zen you out.) ($200;

Photo: Sonos

A Personalized Pair of Leggings

personalized leggings for yoga

Know a yogi who can't do a standing split without taking at least one Instagram photo? Up her IG game with a personalized pair of butter-soft leggings. ($90;

Photo: Style Reform

A Grippy Water Bottle

The perfect yoga water bottle? One that 1) doesn't make noise when you set it down (no savasana-ruiners here) and 2) won't slip from your hand even in the sweatiest of classes. That's where this pretty pink spiked bkr bottle comes in. ($40;

Photo: bkr

Fuzzy Boot-Sneaker Hybrids

One of the best parts about yoga class? You don't have to bring extra shoes—so why not make the ones you wear to and from the studio ~extra~ cozy? Enter these winter boot-sneaker hybrids that will make any yogi's feet oh-so-happy. ($130;

Photo: Cougar

A #Realtalk Yoga Mug

Some days, even yoga is a no-go. This "Namast'ay in Bed" mug is perfect for days when savasana is the only option. ($18;

Photo: Always Fits