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artificial sweeteners

The Worst Drinks for Your Body

It's easy to grab one of these diet disasters when you're thirsty or tired, but after reading this, we guarantee you won't be tempted again.

The Best Country to Be a Female Entrepreneur, How Your iPad Makes You Gain Weight, and Panera's Pledge to Keep Ingredients Clean

If you're a woman hoping to make it big in business, you're in luck if you live in one of these places.

FDA Approves New Artificial Sweetener Advantame

Advantame is the newest zero-calorie sugar alternative you may soon be able to add to your latte.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Corn Syrup Confusion

Although HFCS is always in the news, you shouldn't discount the damage the plain version can do too.

Everything You Need to Know About Sugar

Seriously. Experts answered all of your questions about every type of sugar so you can live a sweet and healthy life.

Is Aspartame-Sweetened Milk Really Necessary?

The milk industry has petitioned the FDA to allow them to add an ingredient in an effort to lower calories.

Myth Busting: 10 Bizarre Health Fads

The science (or lack thereof) behind placental pills, stevia, segmented sleep, and more.

PepsiCo to Remove Flame Retardant BVO from Gatorade

15-year-old Sarah Kavanagh's petition has paid off: PepsiCo will no longer include flame retardant brominated vegetable oil in Gatorade.

A New No-Calorie Sweetener That’s Natural

Derived from the Southeast Asian Monk fruit, this sugar substitute has zero calories and is 100 percent natural. Plus, you can bake with it—good news for your sweet tooth!

5 Tips for Ordering a Healthy Smoothie

Whether you're at your local juice bar or a national chain, ordering a smoothie can be a little challenging sometimes. After all, what sounds healthy and low-calorie on the menu may be anything but good for you.

Sugar-Free Foods to Avoid

Find out when eating the real thing is healthier and helps you lose weight.

Banned behaviors

Not all advice for losing weight works for everyone. I share the six diet tips that work for me.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Sugar vs. Sweetener?

Nutrition expert Mike Roussell, PhD, weighs in about whether it's best to use natural or artificial sweeteners.

The Truth about High-Fructose Corn Syrup

This sweetener is at the center of one of the most heated debates in nutrition history. But is it really hazardous to your health and waistline?

The Downside of Diet Sodas

They may be good for your weight, but those sugar-free sodas aren't doing your smile any favors.