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Is Dairy Healthy? The Pros and Cons of Consuming Dairy

Experts reveal whether milk truly does a body good.

The Pros & Cons of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

It's been known to be a quick weight loss solution, but is it safe? Get the facts straight from our diet doctor.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Coconut Sugar vs. Table Sugar

Our diet doctor has the scoop on the latest food trend.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Smoked Food Bad for You?

There has been buzz about the potential cancer risk of eating these delicious foods. Is it true? Our diet doctor has the scoop.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How to Use Weight Loss Apps While Dining Out

Find out how to use your food diary apps next time you're eating at a restaurant.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Does Calorie Restriction Affect Aging?

Rumor has it limiting what you eat can slow down Father Time. But is it true? Our resident nutrition expert weighs in.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Cooking with Olive Oil

Our resident nutrition expert weighs in!

Ask the Diet Doctor: Dangers of Milk

A recent study found that drinking milk can lead to an increased risk of death. Is it true? Our Diet Doctor has the scoop.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Find Your Optimal Coffee Intake

Our resident nutrition expert answers your burning question about the real effects of caffeine and coffee.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Low-FODMAP Diet

How one up-and-coming meal plan could help eliminate digestive issues—and no, it's not gluten-free or Paleo.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Changing Your Diet with the Season

As the seasons change, your body changes too. Be sure you stay at the top of your game with these eating tips.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Power of Probiotics

There are lots of other reasons you may benefit from these good bacteria, especially when you follow our expert tips for finding the best supplement.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Cravings and Nutrient Deficiencies

Figure out if your mouth is watering about a burger because you’re low on iron or for other reasons.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Case for Carbs

The right amount can help you lose or maintain weight—and you may not be consuming enough.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Post-Vacation Weight Loss

Detoxing after a vacation doesn't have to mean a juice cleanse.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Anatomy of a Peep

Find out how long you'd have to work out to burn off a pack of these marshmallow treats!

Ask the Diet Doctor: Alcohol and Immunity

Your nightly glass of chardonnay is good for your heart and brain, but what is it doing to your body’s first line of defense?

Ask the Diet Doctor: Spirulina's Supposed Superpowers

Find out if this algae powder is worth sprinkling into smoothies or if there's something fishy about its purported health benefits.

Ask Diet Doctor: Salt vs. Sugar

While you should limit your intake of both, one does much more damage to your body than the other.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Truth About Turmeric Juice

Turmeric drinks are showing up in more stores. Will grabbing one do anything other than drain your wallet?

Ask the Diet Doctor: Palm Oil Primer

You've seen this on ingredients list and praised by Dr. Oz. Now learn how the different types really impact your health.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Hot Lemon Water’s Real Benefits

Starting the day with this elixir is said to improve digestion, boost mineral absorption, and detoxify. But what does science say?

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Ideal Eating Pace

Inhaling your food is never a good thing, yet lingering too long could be bad too. Here’s how to pace your eating without watching the clock.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Should I Stop Taking My Vitamins?

The latest research says popping a daily supplement isn’t worth it. Confused? Here’s what you need to know about multis.

Ask the Diet Doctor: What Are Natural Flavors?

They’re added to your yogurt, bottled smoothies, soups, and more—but what exactly are they?

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Buzz on Bee Pollen

Before you add that “boost” to your smoothie or take a supplement, check out what nobody’s warning you about these gold granules.