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baby weight

Jillian Michaels Says She Missed The Signs of Her Fiancée's Postpartum Depression

The fitness guru admitted she didn't see the signs early on.

Blac Chyna Looks Super Fit Two Weeks After Giving Birth (Now Here's Why You Shouldn't Care)

The pressure to lose weight after giving birth is just insane.

Chrissy Teigen Dishes the Truth About Post-Baby Bodies

"Nobody should feel like that's normal."

Robyn Lawley Proves Post-Baby Stretch Marks Are Beautiful

"To anyone who feels bad about your body especially after a baby, you are a warrior."

How I Lost the Post-Pregnancy Baby Weight

From the delivery room to the weight room, 10 mothers share the post-pregnancy routines that helped them get their bodies back.

Having This Number of Kids May Increase Heart Disease in Women

Find out how many pregnancies up your likelihood of cardiovascular woes—and what you can do about it.

Is a Six-Pack While Pregnant Unhealthy?

This model is about to hit the 9-month mark. So how are these abs possible? A prenatal fitness expert and ob-gyn weigh in.

How to Beat Pregnancy Weight Gain

Renée knew she'd have to overhaul her lifestyle if she wanted to give up her maternity clothes for good.

How Much Pregnancy Weight Should You Really Gain?

Packing on too many—or too few—pounds really can be harmful for you and your baby.

The Only Kind of Popsicle That Burns Calories

It may not be your traditional frozen treat, but it'll get you much closer to sculpting the flat, toned stomach you've always wanted.

Why We Love Kate Middleton’s Post-Baby Bump

The Duchess is showing everyone what a woman really looks like after giving birth.

Tracy Anderson Says Pregnancy Is No Excuse to Let Yourself Go

A response to Tracy Anderson's criticism that new moms who don't lose baby weight quickly "let themselves go."

Samantha Harris’ Unusual Post-Baby Workout

Running 200 stairs with a baby on her back and more unusual workout strategies that got the DWTS host back in shape.

The Perks and Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

7 good reasons to choose boob over bottle.

How Ali Landry Got Her Pre-Baby Body Back

Steal her secrets for fast fat-burning results.

Babies Who Grow Too Fast More Likely to Be Obese, Study Finds

Everyone loves cute chubby babies. And it's absurd to think of any baby or infant as being categorized as overweight or needing to lose weight. After all, baby fat is normal! But a new study has found that the rate at which an infant grows may help predic