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bad habits

The Scientific Explanation for Why You Hate Hearing Other People Chew

Raise your hand of chewing noises make you cringe.

How to ~Finally~ Kick Your Weekend Overeating Habit

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Old-School Diet Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Once and for All

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An Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse Gave Me Abs...and an Awful Stomach Ache

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Two Floss Alternatives for Thread Haters

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12 Hair Habits Distressing Your Strands

The way you wash, dry, style, and live could be what's causing your hair despair.

11 Ways Your Morning Routine Can Make You Sick

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10 Terrifying Reasons to Stop Nail Biting—For Good!

From lip warts to serious infections, nail biting can lead to a whole lot more than a ruined mani!

Every Hour of TV You Watch Increases Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Luckily, there's an easy way to avoid this fate—and you may already be doing it!

The Dirtiest Item in Your Kitchen

Hint: it's not the sponge.

You Really Need to Stop This Dangerous Gym Habit

What you're doing in the shower may be more harmful than you think!

8 ‘Healthy’ Food and Lifestyle Alternatives That Aren’t

Healthy peanut butter and turkey burgers aren’t doing you any favors. Find out when to stick to the originals.

3 Ways to Stay Healthier While Watching TV

Those House of Cards marathons might do more harm than you thought. Minimize damage without swearing off the remote.

6 Ways to Clean Your Place Like a Germ Expert

When it comes to germs, chances are you're cleaning all wrong.

Why Your Phone Is Teeming With Germs

Your phone is covered in bacteria, a new study shows. Find out what you're doing with it that's so dirty.

4 Ways Expressing Yourself Boosts Your Health

Bottling up stress or anger may feel like the right thing to do—but it can seriously backfire.

7 Zero-Calorie Factors That Derail Weight Loss

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Confessions of a Snack-a-Holic: How I Broke My Habit

Shape's Nutrition Editor spills about her munching habit—and shares her secrets on how she reined it in.

3 Negative Personality Traits That Have Positive Benefits

Pessimistic? Selfish? You could live longer, be happier, and find more success.

That Girls Night Out Cigarette Isn't a Harmless Habit

Even health-conscious Gwyneth Paltrow admits to smoking socially, but taking just one drag can put your health at risk.

Secondhand Smoke Might Be Making You Gain Weight

That myth that cigarettes can help keep you slim? A new study blows smoke at it.

The Worst Drinks for Your Body

It's easy to grab one of these diet disasters when you're thirsty or tired, but after reading this, we guarantee you won't be tempted again.

4 Bad Habits May Cut 10 Years Off Your Life

4 simple habits can help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle well into your senior years.