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barre workouts

Why All Runners Should Practice Yoga and Barre

Do these cross-training workouts on your no-mileage days.

The Actually Intense Barre Workout That Will Make You Sweat

This workout ditches the traditional format for a high-intensity (but not high-impact) burn

The No-Equipment Barre Workout That Combines Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio

No equipment needed, so you can do this one at home.

The Cross-Training Barre Workout All Runners Need to Stay Strong

Barre is seriously awesome cross-training for runners

The High-Intensity Barre Routine to Tone and Tighten at Home

This pumped up workout is unlike any barre workout you've done before

The Intense Barre Workout That Doubles As Cardio

Get ready to boost your heart rate and work up a serious sweat

The Upper-Body Barre Circuit That Will Sculpt Your Arms and Abs

Jackie Dragone from Flex Studios in NYC shows you how to tone your arms and abs in one simple circuit.

Hold Up—Is the Barre Tuck Actually Bad for You?

More isn't always better, you guys

Tighten Your Waistline with This Pilates-Barre Fusion Workout

Get the studio class treatment free of charge with this video routine.

This Yoga and Barre Routine Will Be the Best Workout You Do All Week

Tone up and de-stress in this 45 minute session.

8 Muscle-Shaking Barre Exercises You Can Do with Resistance Bands

Ditch the weights and take your barre workout on the go.

4 Tiny (Yet Crazy Effective) Barre Moves for Strong, Sexy Abs

Activate your core in a whole new way with isometric moves from ballet and Pilates-inspired studio Pop Physique.

11 Thoughts All Newbies Have In Their First Barre Class

Every beginner to the world of ballet barre has been through these highs and lows.

4 Moves to Seriously Lift and Sculpt Your Butt

These exercises from the LA-born Pilates-meets-barre studio use tiny yet crazy effective movements to blast and tone your booty.

Can You Really Lengthen Your Muscles?

You hear that phrase all the time in barre class—but is it really possible?

7 Slimming Thigh Exercises from Pure Barre

Press play to start working your thighs from every angle.

A Barre Workout Playlist to Pace Your Every Move

Raise the "barre" on your workout with a playlist that draws on as many styles and tempos as the exercises do.

Allison Williams’ Core Fusion Barre Workout

Wondering how the actress got so fit for Peter Pan Live? Score her toned physique with her favorite exercises, here!

Pilates-Meets-Barre Workout for a Dancer's Body

Sculpt long, lean limbs like a ballet dancer by adding Pilates equipment to your regular barre workout for a more effective burn—no bun required.

Head-to-Toe Sculpting Workout from Barre3

Strengthen your entire body and clear your mind with these dance-inspired moves designed by barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln for Shape.