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Shape Beauty Awards 2017: Find Your New Signature Scent Among These Perfumes

These are our favorite scents right now for every taste.

Shape Beauty Awards 2017: The Best Drugstore Products

Grab some new beauty products on the cheap with these drugstore finds.

Shape Beauty Awards 2017: The Best New Makeup Products

Get an all-over glow with these new makeup products.

2016 Shape Beauty Awards: The Best Fragrances for Every Personality

Whether you're into sensual, sweet, or sporty scents.

2016 Shape Beauty Awards: The Best Workout-Friendly Beauty Products for Your Body

The best workout and locker-room friendly lotions, deodorants, body scrubs, and more.

2016 Shape Beauty Awards: The Best Skin-Care Products

Put your best face forward with the best cleansers, creams, and serums out there.

The Best Beauty Products to Make You Feel Like the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

We spritzed, swiped, and slathered hundreds of products to bring you the undisputed winners.

Shape's 2014 Beauty Awards

We tested hundreds of products. See which standouts our editors and expert panel deemed worthy.

The Best Sun Protection Products of 2014

With 17 different lotions, sticks, and sprays, you’re sure to find the ideal sunscreen for you in our annual Sun Awards.

Beauty Awards Bonus! 13 Products Our Editors Swear By

These drugstore staples have a stamp of approval from SHAPE's beauty director, and they might transform your beauty routine.

The 2013 SHAPE Beauty Awards

Check out our 63 swoon-worthy picks for pretty makeup, sexy hair, and perfect skin.

SHAPE Sun Awards 2013: Sexy Summer Skin Guide

Safeguard your skin and hair without any chalky, sticky, or smelly side effects.

The 2012 SHAPE Beauty Awards

From makeup to perfume, SHAPE awarded the best beauty products!

Best Body Products

Everything you need for silky-smooth skin from head to toe.

Top Foods--And Best Beauty Products Made with Them--For Healthy Hair and Good Skin

The best beauty products for healthy hair and good skin are from the grocery store. Fill up on today’s top 8 ingredients.

SHAPE of Beauty Awards 2010: The Best Beauty Products

The best beauty products of 2010! View the SHAPE of Beauty Awards winners!

SHAPE of Beauty Awards 2010: Cheap Finds

The best beauty products under $20. The SHAPE of Beauty Awards 2010 winners!

SHAPE of Beauty Awards 2010: Hair

The best hair products: The SHAPE of Beauty Awards 2010's hair product winners!