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20 Celebs’ Favorite Summer Beauty Products

From Kate Hudson’s perfect beach waves secret to the bronzer Julianne Hough can’t live without, these are the summer staples Hollywood’s stars swear by.

Is Double-Cleansing Right for You?

On those nights when you hardly have time to wash your face once, double-cleansing seems like a stretch. But here's why you should give it a shot.

Stephanie Ruhle's Summer Beauty Tips

Bloomberg TV anchor and Shape contributor Stephanie Ruhle shares her essentials to stay hydrated and protected all season.

3 Sites to Help Create Your Signature Beauty Look

Look and feel like a million bucks with these made-to-order beauty and bath treatments.

10 Beauty Products to Cool You Down

When the temperature spikes, keep your cool with these refreshing beauty finds!

13 Down-There Grooming Questions, Answered

Admit it—you’re curious. And we’ve got the answers.

12 Summer-Inspired Beauty Products

Cotton candy, margaritas, and lobster dinners all scream summer. Channel your favorite treats by adding these cool products to your beauty routine!

5 Better-for-You Beauty Treatments

Because looking and feeling good shouldn’t be scary. Learn about gentler takes on top hair, skin, and nail services.

10 Crazy Beauty Ingredients That Really Work

Snails, placenta, and beetles—oh, my! Find out if you should use these and other icky things to look younger and prettier.

Illinois to Become First State to Ban Microbeads

Find out why one state is kicking a common ingredient to the curb—and what it means for your favorite products.

The Perfect-Skin Secret You've Never Tried

Forget $100 creams or products. Find out why the key to perfect skin might have been sitting in your kitchen all along.

5 Crazy New Nail Trends

Nails might only take up a tiny bit of surface area, but the latest trends in polishes take attention-grabbing style to the extreme.

See the $2 Nail Polish That Beat a $27 Chanel One!

The results of a new Consumer Reports test will help you avoid a costly beauty blunder.

New Tattoos Make a Beautiful Statement—Temporarily

These gorgeous tattoos let you display powerful phrases and affirmations, without getting permanently (and painfully) inked up.

The Korean Secret to Poreless Skin

It has more to do with how you use products than which products you use.

7 Medicine Cabinet Staples That Work Beauty Wonders

Look your best in a flash—for less!—by using these everyday products to combat under eye bags, moisturize, stand in for makeup primer, and more.

11 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Frizz, body bumps, melted makeup—not this summer!

Companies Agree to Remove Carcinogen from Personal Care Products

Before you suds up, check the label of your shampoo, body wash, and other products for this ingredient.

7 Steps to Perfecting the No-Makeup Look

With #nomakeupselfie and fresh-faced celebs gaining popularity, we break down a how-to if you’re not quite ready to ditch all your beauty products.

7 Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work

These good-for-the-earth products give conventional cosmetics a run for their money.

The 9 Best Cleansing Balms

Step aside facial oils! With their long list of benefits, these balms are the hottest way to clean your face.

The Numbers That Help You Look and Feel Your Best

From the number of months before you toss your mascara to how many days a week you exfoliate, we did the math for the perfect beauty equation.

Trend We Love: On-Demand Beauty and Fitness Services

Soon you may be able to get a great workout, a perfect blowout, and a relaxing massage, all in the comfort of your own home.

Dermablend's Inspirational New Ad Lets Women Reveal Their True Selves

Dermablend’s new spot is refreshingly relatable and genuinely real, showing that makeup isn’t always about covering up.

Look Like a Victoria's Secret Angel

A celebrity makeup artist reveals the secrets to dewy skin, naturally flushed cheeks, and smoldering eyes.

What Are Human Growth Hormone and SeroVital's Benefits?

Can HGH really promise a fitter body, improved mood, clear skin, and better sex drive? Experts weigh in.