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The Best Beginner Breathing Exercises for Runners

These breathing exercises for runners can improve endurance and prevent injuries.

How to Determine Your Running Gait—and Why It Matters

Talk about putting your best foot forward.

Why I'm Jealous of New Runners

I know it's hard. But it's also so so awesome.

If You Don't Run But Want to, This Guide Is for You

Whether you're more used to the couch than the treadmill or you've been on a long running hiatus, use these tips to help you get started.

8 Common Running Myths, Busted!

Get the lowdown on the most common running beliefs that could be hurting your strides.

The Jaha Fitness App Is Basically Tinder for Runners

Find your sweaty soulmate in a single swipe to the right.

Hit the Sand! 5 Essential Tips for Running on a Beach

Yes, it's harder than on the pavement—but that just means your calves will look even better afterwards.

5 Things I Learned While Half-Marathon Training

From discovering that freezing cold runs aren't so bad to the motivational power of a deadline, Shape's nutrition editor shares what she learned on her road to the Brooklyn Half.

Why You Should Run a Pre-Race Before Your Big Race

Run a 10K before the upcoming Brooklyn Half Marathon? Shape's nutrition editor did it—and highly recommends it.

Would You Run Twice in One Day?

Shape's nutrition editor doubled up on her half marathon training runs and experienced a surprising epiphany.

7 Running Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Even experienced runners like @AliOnTheRun1 make mistakes. Learn how to conquer your own bad habits!

The Amazing Benefit of Running with a Friend

@AliOnTheRun1 describes the love/hate relationship she has with her faster, fitter running buddy.

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Running

@AliOnTheRun1 gets candid about her favorite lessons she's learned throughout her years of running.

5 Beginner Running Injuries (and How to Avoid Each)

Don’t wait for an injury to sideline you. Avoid (or treat) these common discomforts that plague new runners.

"Why I'd Rather Run with Women"

Races like the Disney Princess Half Marathon harness the power of women working together. One writer shares her experience.

Beginner's Guide to Running a 5K

If running even one mile sounds intimidating, follow this simple plan to get ready to rock your first 5K!

Run Faster, Longer, Stronger, and Injury-Free

This infographic of the best running form cues will help you move more fluidly and efficiently whether you’re a casual runner or marathon addict.

The 3 Injuries You're Most Likely to Get This Spring

Now that it’s finally warm enough to take your runs outside, don’t let a too-aggressive approach leave you on the couch injured. Follow these strategies and enjoy the sunny miles all season.

Shave a Minute Off Your Mile

On the anniversary of the 4-minute mile being broken, set a personal record at your next race with these strategies.

4 Simple Tips to Make Running Easier

Dread lacing up your sneaks? These 4 tips will help you go faster, prevent injuries, and feel fantastic at the end of your miles.

Crush Your First 5K

3.1 miles is the perfect distance for new runners, and this 8-week plan guarantees you’ll cross the finish line feeling amazing.

10-Week Training Plan for Your First Half-Marathon

Conquer your first (or second) half-marathon in just 10 weeks with this expert-approved training plan.

Beginner 18-Week Marathon Training Plan

Train for your first marathon with this program from the editors at Popsugar Fitness.

The One Move You Need to Do Before a Run

If you've ever done a few sun salutations to warm up before a run, you'll love this shorter variation you can add to your routine.

Hate Running? 25 Ways to Learn to Love It

Some of our favorite running bloggers and coaches share their best tips for finding fun on the run (really!).

Beginner 5K Training Schedule: Go from the Couch to the Finish Line!

The non-runner's guide to conquering your first 5K