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benefits of exercise

Jillian Michaels Slams Fad Diets and Urges People 'Do Not Do Keto'

A balanced diet is all that's needed to lose weight.

Why You Should Start Your Busy Morning with a Phone-Free Walk

The habit can be seriously life-changing (and yes, you have time).

Working Out Could Save You $2,500 Every Year

As if you needed another reason to love working out

The Surprising Work Perk You Get From a Run

A new global survey reveals how lacing up can help you in the office.

How Weights and Cardio Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Sweating a certain way can do more than carve sleek muscles, according to two new studies.

7 Ways to Make Your Post-Workout High Last Longer

You worked out hard to get that natural high, so you want the endorphin rush to last as long as possible.

Can Cardio Workouts Ward Off Cancer?

How hard you go in your workouts may have a direct correlation to disease development, according to new research.

Pilates Workouts Lead to Better Orgasms

Sure, that Pilates class helps you sculpt flat abs—but it can also lead to stronger, more satisfying orgasms!

Lena Dunham Instagrams a Powerful Sports Bra Selfie

Lena Dunham shares why she works out: "It ain't about the ass, it's about the brain."

Why It's Okay to Work Out at a Lower Intensity

HIIT is really all it's cracked up to be—but slow jogs can further your fitness goals too, says new research.

7 Ways Exercise Makes You Better in Bed

Exercise can up your stamina, guarantee better orgasms, and more—as if you needed another reason to hit the gym.

Fitness Trend Alert: Yoga Is More Popular Than Ever

Yoga benefits your mind and your body, which may be why nearly twice as many people are practicing it now than in 13 years ago.

The Best Workout to Avoid Gaining Weight

Healthy eating won't help keep the pounds off, but science says this workout will.

Have an Amazing Orgasm: Move More

Movement has more to do with a better O than you think—and your workout routine can help you big time in the bedroom!

30 Reasons Why We Love Yoga

It relieves stress, boosts your immune system, and even makes you better in bed—plus 27 more!

Why You Should Join a Walking Group

It's not just for your grandparents! A new study shows walking with friends may have surprising benefits.

Time on the Treadmill May Counteract Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms

Exercise is powerful medicine that can help counteract the negative effects of Alzheimer's disease, proves a new study.

Health Benefits of Exercise Now Include Lower Alcoholism Risk

Working out this much helps lower your risk of alcohol abuse—despite genetics.

A Sweet Reason to Sweat During the Holiday Season

See how cardio and resistance training can help counteract the negative effects of too much sugar.

The Benefits of a 5-Minute Workout

Five minutes to fit? Only if you use your time effectively.

Why Yogis Are Better in Bed

Three reasons yogis who are magnificent on their mats are even more sensational in the sack!

5 Yoga Moves to Beat the Flu

Poses that promise to ward off colds and the flu—or manage the symptoms should you fall prey.

4 Non-Sexual Things That Can Make You Orgasm

Having trouble climaxing in the bedroom? Check out these everyday activities that may do the trick.