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Fittest Cities: 10. Austin, Texas

With lots of lakes, rivers, and parks, there are plenty of places to work off Texas' famous BBQ.

Fittest Cities: 8. San Francisco

Just walking around this hilly city is a workout.

Fittest Cities: 7. Sacramento, California

From the Sacramento River to nearby bike-friendly wine country, there are plenty of places to get moving.

Fittest Cities: 6. Denver

When Denverites get bored, they can head to the mountains.

Fittest Cities: 5. Portland, Oregon

You can kayak, bike—even ski—near the city in the summer.

Fittest Cities: 4. Seattle

Every neighborhood here is close to the water—ideal for boating enthusiasts.

Fittest Cities: 3. Minneapolis/St. Paul

You never have to go far to find a running path in this town.

Fittest Cities: 2. Boston

The Charles River is bordered by an 18-mile bike path—perfect for marathon training.

Fittest Cities: 1. Washington, D.C.

The nation's capital is home to politicians and fitness buffs alike.

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