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binge eating

The #1 Myth About Emotional Eating Everyone Needs to Know About

Go ahead, have that Ben & Jerry's on the couch if you need to.

Why You Have to Stop Comparing Your Eating Habits to Your Friends'

Who cares that she ordered the fish and you cleaned your plate of pasta?

Why You Should Stop Trying to Negate or Earn Food with Exercise

Because feverishly trying to cancel out calories is not only unhealthy—it can be dangerous.

Overeating Can Actually Rewire Your Brain

Just one binge on cheat day can jumpstart a dangerous cycle.

Losing and Regaining 100 Pounds—Twice—Taught Me to Love My Body

You shouldn't wait to love your body until after you've achieved your health goals.

How to Tell When Binge Eating Gets Out of Control

Overeating at one meal and binge eating disorder at two very different things.

How I Bounced Back from a Binge Eating Episode

Don't let a small slip-up turn into a giant slide.

Are You Guilty of Indulging Incognito?

A new survey shows that 6 in 10 women eat in secret. Here, one woman shares why.

Your Post-Pig-Out Plan

Feeling like you're in a food coma? Bounce back from a binge with these 5 easy tips.

The Sex Hormone Linked to Binge Eating

New research says a hormonal imbalance could wreak havoc on your diet.

Quiz: Are You Addicted to Food?

If snacking on cookies, chips, or other treats regularly becomes a binge, it could signal an addiction. Take this quiz and find out what to do if your eating habits are unhealthy.

The Science Behind Why We Binge

Whether it's eating, drinking, or shopping, learn what's causing your can't-stop-won't-stop behavior and how to take control.

Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Dress Up Their Curves

The New York Times sparks conversation by featuring plus-size fashion bloggers.

What I Did After Eating a Bag of M&M’s

Don’t let slip-ups like this throw a monkey wrench in your weight loss efforts. Find out how one woman rights her dietary wrongs.

How to Splurge and Still Lose Weight

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass offers a strategy for how to have your cake and eat it too—and still shed pounds!

Ate Too Much at Thanksgiving Dinner? Do These 3 Exercises!

Eat too much at Thanksgiving dinner? Feel better with these perfect after-dinner exercises.

Avoid Dessert and Unhealthy Foods With This One Simple Trick

Does it ever seem like your willpower to say no to eating unhealthy treats like chocolate cake and junk food is easier some times than other times? Blame — or credit — your brain, a new study says.

Do You Have an Addiction to Food? 5 Food Addiction Symptoms

If you think that you might be addicted to food, get the signs and symptoms of food addiction here.

Weight-Loss Tips: How to Stop Binge Eating

3 simple diet tips to stop eating too much and lose weight for good

Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

These little-known side effects can take a toll on your body.

Secrets to Stop Binge Eating

Don't sabotage your workout routines with unhealthy binge eating.