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This New Contraceptive Vaginal Ring Can Be Used for an Entire Year

This is going to be a game-changer in the contraceptive world.

Why Is Everyone Hating On Birth Control Pills Right Now?

Experts dish on whether the Pill actually deserves the shade it's been getting.

Shay Mitchell Says We Aren't Talking About Birth Control As Much As We Should Be

The actress is part of a new campaign that's all about empowering women to make the best birth control decisions.

Everything You Need to Know About Going Off the Pill

Whether you're stopping hormonal BC altogether or just switching forms.

Is It Safe to Skip Your Period On Purpose While Taking Birth Control?

If you haven't done it, you know someone who has (maybe one too many times).

IUDs Might Help Reduce Your Risk of Cervical Cancer, Study Says

"The possibility that a woman could experience some help with cancer control at the same time she is making contraception decisions could potentially be very, very impactful."

This Company Is Trying to Make Birth Control More Accessible Around the World

The problem is widespread, but there's a way you can help.

The Trump Administration Rolls Back Requirements for Employers to Cover Birth Control

The new rule from the Trump administration could affect up to millions.

4 Common Vagina Myths Your Gyno Wants You to Stop Believing

We asked one ob-gyn to share the most ridiculous, yet common vagina myths out there.

Mandy Moore Wants to Talk About Birth Control

Which option is REALLY best for you?

How the American Health Care Act Could Impact Women's Preventative Care Costs

Women shouldn't need to choose between getting a Pap smear and paying rent.

Congress Just Passed a Bill That Will Keep Funding Planned Parenthood—for Now

If you're a PP supporter, you can breathe a *mini* sigh of relief.

UC Davis Now Has a Plan B Vending Machine

The machine also has pregnancy tests, condoms, and tampons.

Study Says Birth Control Pills May Worsen Your Mood

That's why access to different methods is so important

President Donald Trump Just Signed an Anti-Planned Parenthood Bill

It could limit access to lots of family care services—not just abortions

Melinda Gates Vows to Provide Birth Control to 120 Million Women Worldwide

"I've heard from women all over the world about how important contraceptives are to their ability to take charge of their futures."

What the Election of Donald Trump Could Mean for the Future of Women's Health

From contraception to maternity leave, here's what you need to know about the potential changes coming your way