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body confidence

Why This Fitness Influencer Loves Her Body Even More Since Gaining 18 Pounds

"This is your reminder that different weights look different on every body."

Camila Mendes Applauds Outdoor Voices for Representing Real Bodies In Their Ads

"I wish to live in a world in which all body types can be celebrated."

Why Alyson Stoner Shared This Photo Despite the Fear of Nasty Comments

"The magic begins when you start accepting yourself in every phase."

Morit Summers Shares Why She Fully Plans to Indulge On Thanksgiving Despite Being On Whole30

The celebrity trainer and body-pos advocate is following a Whole30 diet, but she's planning to hit pause for the holiday.

Why Getting "Summer Ready" Isn't a Sustainable Goal (Any Time of the Year)

Keep this in mind while brainstorming New Year's resolutions.

How This Woman Learned to Love Her Scars After a Rare Allergic Reaction Covered Her Body In Burns

"I had scars on all my body, all over my face. It was no longer me."

This Mom Wrote a Letter to Herself About Loving Her Body One Year After Giving Birth

In it, she shared what sheโ€™s learned about keeping her self-love journey on track.

This Woman Admits She Questioned Why Her Boyfriend with a "Perfect Body" Was Attracted to Her

"I did not find myself attractive, so I didn't understand how a man could find me attractive."

Universal Standard's New Basics Line Will Carry Sizes 00 Through 40

The brand's size inclusivity is unprecedented (!!) in the fashion industry.

This Influencer Is Here to Prove That the Scale Means Nothing

Yet another example of how changing body composition can change everything.

The Number of Selfies You Take Could Affect Your Body Image

Selfies and social media can impact your body image for better or worse.

Women Shared Some of the Nasty Comments They've Received About Their Body

Katie Willcox asked her followers what's been said about them, and the results were shocking.