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body confidence

6 People with Skin Conditions Share the Most Hurtful Things Ever Said to Them

These powerful photos that will change the way you think about acne and other skin issues.

This Woman's Viral Post Is an Inspiring Reminder to Never Take Your Mobility for Granted

"I know if I keep working hard and pushing myself, I might get my legs back."

See How This Woman Clapped Back at People Who Said Her Muscles Make Her Look ‘Manly’

"So many people are so quick to judge a woman based on her flexed pose."

I Wouldn't Wear Bathing Suits For 13 Years—Now I Model Them

Let Tess Holliday remind you that body positivity is a journey, not a destination.

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Exactly How She Lost 37 Pounds

She says she will love her body no matter what.

Iskra Lawrence and Sarah Tripp Want You to Stop Thinking of These Common Things As Flaws

"It's time we forget what society has told us to be ashamed of and choose to celebrate our bodies instead."

The Important Reason Miss America Is Getting Rid of Its Swimsuit Competition

They also plan on embracing women of all shapes and sizes.

Model Hunter McGrady Just Launched a (Sexy, Affordable) Plus-Size Swimwear Collection

"Society has taught us that if you have a bigger body, you must cover up. That narrative is changing now."

Emily Skye Is Showing Off Her Fitness Progress 5 Months After Giving Birth

The fitness influencer opens up about working out at midnight five days a week after her daughter goes to sleep.

Tess Holliday Slammed an App That Secretly Slimmed Down Her Body

"The fact that anyone thinks it's ok to market this to ANYONE is appalling."

French Lawmakers Want to Fine Catcallers On the Spot for Harassing Women

The country is cracking down on sexual harassment.

The Two Steps Entertainer Lilly Singh Took to Become Confident

The popular entertainer talks philanthropy, YouTube, and self-love.

Demi Lovato's Health and Fitness Journey Will Seriously Inspire You

FYI, she's basically a badass MMA fighter now.

Kelsey Wells Opens Up About How Exercise Helped Her Postpartum Depression

"The more I cared for my body, the more I began to love myself and believe it was worth caring for."

This Woman Gained 22 Pounds But Is Still the Exact Same Clothing Size

Proof that your self-worth and body-image are NOT linked to a silly number.

This Mom Is Pointing Out That Everyone Is Entitled to Their Own Body Insecurities

She clapped back at trolls who claimed she had no right to feel self-conscious about her stretch marks.

This Instagrammer Is Sharing Why It's So Important to Love Your Body As It Is

She wants you to stop thinking "if" or "when" and realize you're worthy of self-love exactly as you are.

How the Japanese Art of Kintsugi Helped Candice Kumai Rebound from Rock Bottom

Just take it from Candice Kumai, the "golden girl of wellness."

These Women Are Embracing Their Stature In the "More Than My Height" Movement

"More Than My Height" celebrates tall women to help them feel confident in their own skin.

The Surprising Way Boxing Can Change Your Life

The sport draws people in for a fun, high-energy workout—but it can become so much more.