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body confidence

Candace Cameron Bure Claps Back at a Troll After Being Body-Shamed

Body-shaming has officially gotten out of control.

Dorothy Beal Was Logging 92 Miles a Week to Give Herself a "Runner's Body"

The marathoner shares how she finally learned that there's no such thing as a "runner's body."

Why It's Important to Talk About the Not-So-Pretty Side of Pregnancy

Like what, you ask? Varicose veins and lactating third boobs.

Blake Lively Opens Up About Being Bullied for Her Height As a Kid

Kids used to tease her and call her "Big Bird".

What Bathing Naked In Front of Strangers Taught Me About Body Confidence

Body confidence—just like everything else—is always a work in progress.

Watching Her Son Almost Get Hit By a Car Inspired This Woman to Lose 140 Pounds

Jana Roller wasn't physically capable of chasing her son as he ran toward the road.

This Yogi Was Told She "Looked Like a Whale" In a Prenatal Yoga Photo

Heidi Kristoffer explains why she just deletes those hateful and hurtful comments.

This Fitness Blogger Grabbed Her Loose Skin to Show the Reality Behind Her Flexing Photos

Sia Cooper keeps putting it all out there, and we're cheering her on.

Amy Schumer Is Horrified by People Who Don't Eat Carbs

"I'm what you look like if you have pasta," the actress joked as she talked about the body-positive message of her new movie.

Whitney Way Thore Calls Out Trolls Asking Her Why She Isn't Losing Weight

"Where I am today is a woman who, just like you, is trying to be balanced, who is trying to be healthy, who is just doing her best."

This Woman Wants You to Know That Losing Weight Won't Magically Make You Happy

This body-positive influencer is reminding her followers that your weight scale and happiness scale don't go hand in hand.

Why Weight-Loss Surgery Is Not the "Easy Way Out"

One woman is sharing her journey: "I fought to be where I am today."

The Creators of Brave Body Project Have a Message for Online Body-Shamers

"Stop and remember that there's a person on the other side of your phone, and maybe they love their body just the way it is."

How This Woman Lost 95 Pounds After Having Four Kids

"Before, I had a hard time keeping up with my kids. Now, they have a hard time keeping up with me."

This Gym Wants to Open a "Selfie Room," But Is That a Good Idea?

...and people aren't sure how to feel about it.

This Woman Is Putting Glitter On Abs to Prove Every Body Is a Work of Art

This hopefully eliminates the thought that muscles aren't sexy once and for all.