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Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly "Very Self-Conscious" of Her Changing Body During Pregnancy

That might be the reason she's been staying out of the spotlight.

Ballet Helped Me Reconnect with My Body After Being Raped—Now I'm Helping Others Do the Same

"Even though I went through my recovery alone, you don't need to."

Ruby Rose Did Not Hold Back After a Dietitian Said She Was Too Thin and Needed Help

"I'd out-train you, out-box you, and sleep better at night. Leave people alone."

This Mom Comedian's Rant About Stressful Dress Shopping Is So On-Point

Read this if you've ever felt down when trying on clothes.

Kelly Clarkson Says She Feels Sexier Than Ever After Marriage and Kids

"It's like your give-a-crap factor drops," she says.

Ruby Rose Tells Haters to 'Stop Judging Others' After Being Called Anorexic

"My body is just my body it fluctuates and it changes depending on how hard I train. The end."

This First-of-Its-Kind Resort Caters Specifically to Plus-Size Guests

Body-shaming has no place at this secluded Caribbean resort.

This Woman Lost 100 Pounds After Realizing Her Daughter Couldn't Hug Her Anymore

"I've realized that making a change wasn't really about the weight."

Demi Lovato Shares a Powerful Photo About Eating Disorder Recovery

The singer is speaking openly about overcoming bulimia.

How One Woman Lost Over 100 Pounds and Completed 5 Spartan Trifectas

Proof that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Julianne Hough's Response to Body-Shamers Will Permanently Change Your Perspective On Haters

Yes, there is something even more effective than "clapping back."

What It's Really Like to Be a Fitness Model

Rejection, nutrition, and Instagram. Six secrets you'll be surprised to learn about life as a fitness model.

Yes, It's Normal to Still Look Pregnant After Giving Birth

"I was adamant I would just 'bounce back.' But you know what? I didn't."

How Instagrammer Chessie King Finally Learned to Accept Her Body

"We're all women and we're all made to be completely different shapes and sizes, but we all worry about the same things."

This Woman Had the Best Response to a Man Who Called Her Fat and Ugly

"It was ridiculous that he thought his words had any authority over my beauty and my body."

How Lauren Alaina Beat Bulimia and Became Confident In Her Own Skin

"I think we're all insecure about something, but there's a way to deal with those emotions healthily."