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Emily Ratajkowski Gives Piers Morgan a Lesson In Feminism

"I can have opinions about feminism & also do sexy photo shoots k thanks."

Why We've Changed The Way We Talk About Women's Bodies

A lot has rightfully changed over the last few years.

This Activewear Brand Defended Their Plus-Size Model In the Best Way

"We're all different, but our access to an active lifestyle shouldn't be."

Ashley Graham Is Throwing Some Subtle Shade at Victoria's Secret

Looks like she's taking aim at the brand for lacking body-diversity in their fashion show.

Ruby Rose Did Not Hold Back After a Dietitian Said She Was Too Thin and Needed Help

"I'd out-train you, out-box you, and sleep better at night. Leave people alone."

How I Went from Running a Mile a Day to Completing Ultramarathons In 5 Years

Mirna Valerio is a professional runner at 239 pounds.

Aidy Bryant Says Her Life Changed When She Stopped Trying to Lose Weight

"I stopped letting it be an all-day, everyday thing that defined everything that I did."

Ruby Rose Tells Haters to 'Stop Judging Others' After Being Called Anorexic

"My body is just my body it fluctuates and it changes depending on how hard I train. The end."

This First-of-Its-Kind Resort Caters Specifically to Plus-Size Guests

Body-shaming has no place at this secluded Caribbean resort.

This Woman Won't Stand for People Shaming Her Small Baby Bump

"I'm perfectly healthy, my baby is perfectly healthy, and that's all that matters."

This Woman Lost 100 Pounds In a Year—But Her Biggest Victories Were Off the Scale

Find out how this she also became a firefighter, nutritionist, and personal trainer.

Why It's Okay Not to Love Your Body Sometimes, Even If You Support Body Positivity

Body positivity doesn't mean loving your body 24/7. And it definitely doesn't happen overnight.

This Plus-Size Model Is Determined to Stop Seeing Her Cellulite As Ugly

"It's natural for us ladies to have cellulite and we need to stop seeing it as disgusting."

How Lauren Alaina Beat Bulimia and Became Confident In Her Own Skin

"I think we're all insecure about something, but there's a way to deal with those emotions healthily."

Target Is Launching an Affordable Fashion-Forward Activewear Line

As if you needed another reason to end up with a cart full of stuff you didn't intend to buy.

A Male Friend Told This Woman She'd Be "Perfect" If It Wasn't for Her Body

Yep. We don't blame you if you just threw something.