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High School Principal Caught Telling Students They Shouldn't Wear Leggings Unless They're a Size 0 or 2

This principal told students they shouldn't wear leggings unless they're a size 0 or 2. NOT okay.

Amputee Model Shaholly Ayers Is Breaking Barriers In Fashion

She wants people to see disabilities in a different way.

Kayla Itsines' Sister Leah Opens Up About People Comparing Their Bodies

"I will never look like her, she will never look like me."

How This Woman Finally Learned That Being Healthy Has Nothing to Do with the Way You Look

"My goals are focused on what my body can do and accomplish, not what I want to see in the mirror."

These Instragrammers Are Reminding Us Why It's Important to #ScrewTheScale

Proof that health is measured by strength and endurance—not a number.

People Are Loving ASOS for These Unretouched Swimsuit Photos

Because everyone has stretch marks, birth marks, and scars...

Tess Holliday Reminds Us That Moms of Every Size Deserve to "Feel Sexy & Desired"

The model took to Instagram to remind moms everywhere to feel sexy in their skin.

'Unguarded and Unbothered' Is Our Favorite New Instagram Movement

"I have finally found love in myself that I never had, and I have never been happier."

This Clothing Brand Offers Size Swaps So Women Don't Need to Worry About Fluctuating Weight

"We wanted to eradicate that destructive inner monologue women have when they're trying on clothes."

This Body Positive Advocate Wants You to Stop Striving for the Perfect Angle

"I am learning to embrace ALL of me so that I can be at peace with every angle, crease, lump, bump, scar, roll, and pound."

Tess Holliday Boycotts Uber After Driver Body Shames Her

"I'm fat but I also have a fat wallet."

This Fitness Blogger's Post Will Change the Way You Look at Before-and-After Photos

"Remind yourself that society has romanticized a concept of what beauty, fitness, and loving yourself looks like."