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What It's Like to Work Out According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let's just say the sweat was written in the stars just for me.

Hard Exercise Is Actually More Fun, According to Science

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How to Turn Pokémon GO Into a Real Workout

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The Opening Ceremony Workout Game to Get You Ready for the 2016 Rio Olympics

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The Secrets to Success in Any Workout

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A Better-Than-Bootcamp Yoga Sequence

That's right: Hitting the mat can be a killer fat-burning training session. Try this sequence and see for yourself!

DIY Bootcamp Workout

Save your cash and create your own killer training session with these simple but super-effective circuit ideas.

Fat-Burning Backyard Bootcamp

Take your workout outdoors with this fat-blasting bootcamp-style routine.

The 10 Most Popular SHAPE Workouts of 2012

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We Tried It: Bootcamp with Jillian Michaels

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We Tried It: Boot Camp with 50 Cent’s Trainer!

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We Tried It: Chelsea Piers Athlete’s Camp

Unleash your inner athlete with rock climbing, surfing, soccer, basketball, boxing, and more in this month long fitness program

Bikini-Belly Bootcamp

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8 Gym Classes That Don't Feel like Exercise

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Top 10 Weight-Loss Trends of 2011

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