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breast cancer

New Breast Cancer "Vaccine" Treatment Announced

This could be a breakthrough in breast cancer treatment

This Empowering Woman Bares Her Mastectomy Scars in Equinox's New Ad Campaign

The thyroid cancer survivor preemptively had a double mastectomy after she tested positive for an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

What Your Gut Has to Do with Your Breast Cancer Risk

Groundbreaking new research sheds light on what you can do to protect yourself

How Young Can You Get Breast Cancer?

How is this even possible?

Can Good Bacteria Protect Against Breast Cancer?

Forget gut bacteria, the best bugs may be the ones in your bra!

Study Finds Five New Breast Cancer Genes

Further proof that each diagnosis is as individual as you are.

This New Bra Can Detect Breast Cancer

This is wearable tech we can definitely get behind (or in)!

Why More Women Are Having Mastectomies

But it's it doesn't necessarily impact survival rates for women

Can Fiber Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

A high fiber diet may protect you against the dreaded disease, says new study

Does Sugar Really Cause Cancer?

A new study links sugar with breast cancer. What you need to know to stay C-free.

Why Losing My Hair Scared Me More Than Breast Cancer

"Based on the pictures online, I was going to look terrible."

Badass Race Car Driver Alexis DeJoria Is Offering Free Mammograms at Her Races

Alexis DeJoria is determined to help her fans beat breast cancer.

What I Wish I Knew About Breast Cancer in My 20s

From six real women who've been touched by the disease.

Gift Ideas for Women Fighting Breast Cancer

Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by bringing a smile to her face.

Stella McCartney Designs Post-Mastectomy Bras to Make Women Feel Beautiful

Not only is it beautiful, feminine, and functional, but it's a tribute to her mother.

What's Up with #BoobsOverBellyButtons and the #BellyButtonChallenge?

Between the #BellyButtonChallenge and #BoobsOverBellyButtons, DIY health exams are popping up all over social media lately (and dishing out faulty advice).

How Weights and Cardio Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Sweating a certain way can do more than carve sleek muscles, according to two new studies.

Breast Cancer Is on the Rise—But So Are New Early Detection Strategies

And you'll never guess the technological improvements that are to blame (hint: not your iPhone).

Eating Too Late Can Raise Your Breast Cancer Risk

Yikes—opening the fridge past 8 p.m. may damage more than just your waistline, new research suggests.